Must-see entertainment in Lebanon

  • Blue Note Cafe


    This is one of the very best places to hear jazz and blues in Lebanon. Local – and sometimes international – acts perform each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…

  • Beirut Hippodrome


    Beirut’s ‘new’ Hippodrome (dating from the 19th century instead of the Roman era) has an extremely chequered past. In the 1960s, it was one of the busiest…

  • Metropolis Sofil Cinema


    Metropolis is Beirut's only art-house cinema, a refreshing breeze in the stale world of corporate franchises. Open since the 1960s, the cinema stayed open…

  • MusicHall


    If you've got the dosh for a big night out, spend it at this Gothic basement cabaret. MusicHall's mysterious owner, the Lebanese-Greek politician…

  • Casino du Liban


    The historic casino was once the playboy hub of the Middle East with a glitzy '70s reputation; it still has kitsch charm for those with '70s nostalgia…

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