Must-see attractions in Baalbek

  • The Temple of Bacchus at Baalbek in Lebanon.
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    Temple of Bacchus


    Baalbek's Temple of Bacchus is often described as the most beautifully decorated temple in the Roman world, and it's certainly one of the best preserved…

  • The Temple of Bacchus Roman God of Wine in Baalek.
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    Baalbek Ruins


    Dominating the centre of modern Baalbek, this wonderful Roman temple complex is one of the Middle East's major archaeological highlights. The monumental…

  • Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon.

    Temple of Jupiter


    This temple was built on a monumental scale and is one of the largest Roman temples known. Dedicated to Jupiter Heliopolitanus, it was built from the 1st…

  • Temple of Venus


    Opposite the entrance to the main ruins is the exquisite Temple of Venus, which preserves a section of a circular building with fluted columns. During the…