Drinking and nightlife in Northern Laos

  • Nightlife in Nong Khiaw

    Q Bar

    Chilled Q sits on the main road with an ox-blood, rattan interior, a little roof terrace, good tunes and a friendly owner. Cocktails are 35,000K to 40,000K, with a two-for-one happy hour from 5pm to 7pm. If hungry, you can transform your tabletop into a barbecue grill and cook up a traditional Lao meal.

  • Nightlife in Nong Khiaw

    Watering Hole

    Set on pontoons, this peaceful, semi-al fresco Lao bar-restaurant relies on the soothing river view as its wallpaper, and dishes up cold Beerlao for the ultimate riverside sundowner. There's a decked area from where you can go swimming or kayaking (rentals 100,000K) in the gentle Nam Ou.

  • Nightlife in Nong Khiaw

    Hive Bar

    Located 1km out of town (heading towards Pak Mong), Hive Bar is run by a friendly Lao, has a downstairs disco and karaoke for those inclined, plus a chilled terrace to sink a beer and watch the sunset explode in pinks and oranges behind the karsts. Great indie tunes; happy hour is from 6pm to 7.30pm.