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Prosperous, self-sufficient and content from its years under the rule of the Branciforte family, Butera lacks the down-at-heel atmosphere of many rural interior towns. Its lovely town church, the Chiesa Madre, boasts some modest treasures (a Renaissance triptych and a Madonna by 16th-century Tuscan painter Filippo Paladini), but the star attraction here is the dizzying panorama that unfolds from the hilltop Norman castle.

Mazzarino, the historic seat of the Branciforte clan, is now just a small, sleepy town, but merits a quick look for its clutch of baroque churches, decorated with the ostentatious funerary monuments of the Branciforte princes and more artworks by Paladini. Many of the churches are closed to the public, but you can request access at the helpful tourist office on Mazzarino's main street.

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