Must-see attractions in Santa Croce

  • Basilica of the Holy Cross (Santa Croce) in Florence, Italy

    Basilica di Santa Croce

    Santa Croce

    The austere interior of this Franciscan basilica is a shock after the magnificent neo-Gothic facade enlivened by varying shades of coloured marble. Most…

  • Tourists in line in Bargello palace in Florence.

    Museo del Bargello

    Santa Croce

    It was behind the stark walls of Palazzo del Bargello, Florence's earliest public building, that the podestà (governing magistrate) meted out justice from…

  • Fondazione Zeffirelli-museum front

    Fondazione Zeffirelli

    Santa Croce

    Opera buffs will adore this museum celebrating more than seven decades of work by the late, internationally renowned, Florence-born film director Franco…

  • Piazza di Santa Croce

    Santa Croce

    This square was cleared in the Middle Ages to allow the faithful to gather when the church itself was full. In Savonarola's day, heretics were executed…

  • Fondazione Casa Buonarroti

    Santa Croce

    Though Michelangelo never lived in Casa Buonarroti, his heirs devoted some of the artist’s hard-earned wealth to the construction of this 17th-century…

  • Museo Horne

    Santa Croce

    One of the many eccentric Brits who made Florence home in the early 20th century, Herbert Percy Horne bought and renovated this Renaissance palazzo, then…