Must-see attractions in Tabriz

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    Tabriz Bazaar

    The magnificent, labyrinthine, Unesco-listed Tabriz bazaar covers some 7 sq km, with 24 caravanserais (sets of rooms arrranged around a courtyard) and 22…

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    Blue Mosque

    When constructed for ruler Jahan Shah in 1465, the Blue Mosque with its intricate turquoise mosaics was one of the most famous buildings of its era…

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    Azarbaijan Museum

    This museum's entrance is a great brick portal with big wooden doors guarded by two stone rams. Ground-floor exhibits include finds from Hasanlu (an Iron…

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    Arg-e Tabriz

    This huge brick edifice off Imam Khomeini St is a chunky remnant of Tabriz’ early-14th-century citadel (known as ‘the Ark’). Criminals were once executed…

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    Poets’ Mausoleum

    Poet Ostad Shahriyar is ostentatiously commemorated by the strikingly modernist Poets’ Mausoleum. Its angular, interlocking concrete arches are best…

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    Elgoli Park

    Elgoli Park, 8km southeast of the centre, is popular with summer strollers and courting couples. Its fairground surrounds an artificial lake, in the…

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    Shahriyar House Museum

    Enter a time warp to late-'70s Tabriz in the preserved house of much-loved poet Ostad Shahriyar (1906–88). Surrounded by his everyday belongings, you…

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    Imam Khomeini Mosalla

    This stadium-sized mosalla (prayer hall) has been under construction forever and the sporadic works have been blamed for undermining the foundations of…

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    Municipal Hall

    The iconic 1930s German-designed Municipal Hall, still the bastion of city power, dominates Sa'at Sq. There's a museum in the basement with various city…

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    Masjed-e Jameh

    At the bazaar’s western end an exit passage hidden by a curtain leads to Tabriz’ impressive Seljuk-era Masjed-e Jameh, with a magnificent brick-vaulted…

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    Amir Bazaar

    The surefire way locals protect themselves against inflation is with a chunk of the yellow stuff from the jewellery section of the Tabriz bazaar.

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    Qajar Museum

    The elegant Qajar Museum is within the palatial 1881 Amir Nezam House, Tabriz’ most impressive Qajar mansion, with a split-level façade.

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    Spice Bazaar

    One of the best in Iran, Tabriz' spice bazaar has a huge selection of dried herbs, spices, natural remedies and henna.

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    Coppersmith Bazaar

    The sound of hammers echoes through the laneways of the photogenic coppersmith section of the Tabriz bazaar.

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    Carpet Bazaar

    Inside the Tabriz bazaar, the mozaffarieh is one of the best places in Iran to buy a carpet.

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    Constitution House

    This charming Qajar-era (1868) courtyard house is historically significant as a headquarters during the 1906–11 constitutional revolution, but, although…

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    Museum of Measurement

    The measurement museum is hidden down a small, walled alley in a beautifully restored 160-year-old Qajar mansion. Skip it if you're not into rococo German…

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    St Mary's Church

    Dating from the 12th century, St Mary’s is a still-functioning Armenian church that was mentioned by Marco Polo. It was once the seat of the regional…

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    Quran Museum

    The most intriguing exhibit here is the scripture-covered undershirt worn by Qajar monarchs during coronations. The museum is housed in the well…