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After many years floating in obscurity, Banten and surrounding towns (including nearby sprawling Serang) are today becoming major ports and virtual Jakarta suburbs. If nothing else Banten is a perfect example of warp speed, globalised development, as what's left of this once ever-green breadbasket gets gobbled up, one shovelful at a time.

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(Seat in Coach) Old Banten Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Vihara Avalokitesvara, Serang, Banten Province, JavaAvalokiteshvara Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Banten. This temple was built around 1860 and in this temple visitors can see a representation of the Goddes Kwam Im and relics from the Emperor of China during the Ming Dynasty.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Benteng SpeelwijkSpeelwijk Fort was built by the Dutch in 1685. It is surrounded by an artificial moat around its periphery for defense.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Situs Keraton Surosowan, Serang, Banten Province, JavaThis place was built during the reign of Sultan Maulana Hassanudin (1525 – 1552). Most of the buildings partly or totally damaged. What remains is essentialy only the wall of the fortress circling the ruin of the monument. (Monday& Public Holidays Closed. We’ll visit Karang Harbor instead).Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Old Banten Archaeological Museum, Serang, Banten Province, JavaIn Banten Museum, you can learn the history of Banten and the first time the Dutch set foot on the island of java. Weapons, household good, clay pipes for running drinking water and pieces of broken ceramics are also on display. Across the road you can still see the foundations and remains of the old palace, Surosowan. (Monday – Public Holiday Closed. We’ll visit Ruin Kaibon Palace instead).Duration: 2 hours

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City Tour with Guide and lunch: Get to know Jakarta more closely

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: National Museum, Jakarta, JavaBentuk edukasi yang bisa pengunjung dapatkan di museum tidak hanya dari sajian koleksinya, namun juga kegiatan yang dilaksanakan di sana. Bentuk kegiatan yang biasanya dilaksanakan di museum di antaranya adalah seminar, diskusi, pameran dengan tema khusus dan lokakarya. Kegiatan ini tidak hanya memperkaya pengetahuan pengunjung, namun juga memberikan kesan tersendiri di setiap kunjungannya.Duration: 30 minutesStop At: National Monument (MONAS), Jakarta, JavaMonas was built in August 1959. The entire Monas building was designed by Indonesian architects namely Soedarsono, Frederich Silaban and Ir. Rooseno. On August 17, 1961, Monas was inaugurated by President Soekarno. And began to be opened to the public since July 12, 1975.While the area of ​​the city forest park around Monas was formerly known as the Gambir Field. Then it changed its name several times to Ikada Field, Merdeka Square, Monas Field and later became the National Monument Park.Monas or National Monument is an icon of the city of Jakarta. Located in the center of Jakarta, it is an attractive tourist center and education center for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. Monas was established in 1959 and was inaugurated two years later in 1961. Monas is always crowded with tourists to see the beauty of the city of Jakarta from the peak of Monas, adding insight into Indonesian history in the diorama space or enjoying the fresh forest area of ​​approximately 80 hectares in the center of Jakarta .Every holiday, Monas is always visited by many tourists. Here you can enjoy many types of tours and educational materials. You can climb the towering monument to the top of the Monas. You can also exercise with friends and family. You can also enjoy the beautiful garden with a variety of lush and beautiful trees. Or you can enjoy interesting fountain entertainment.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Jakarta Old Town, Jakarta, JavaKota Tua Jakarta is located between two municipalities namely West Jakarta and North Jakarta, precisely in the Pinangsia Village, Tamansari District. Its strategic position made it easy to stop at that time. Even the various kingdoms are fighting over power in this region. The following is a review of the history of the Old City of Jakarta from time to time. Kota Tua Jakarta is the name of a building that is precisely located in Pinangsia Village, Tamansari District, West Jakarta Municipality. The location of this building is bordered by several strategic places including:To the north, borders the Port of Sunda Kelapa and the Java SeaEast side, borders with Ciliwung RiverWest side, bordering Krukut RiverSouth, bordering Jalan Jembatan BatuThe strategic location of the Old City eventually led to the seizure of regional power. Starting from the Kingdom of Pajajaran, the Kingdom of Tarumanegara, the Sultanate of Banten, the VOC, and Japan in the past fighting over it. The Old City of Jakarta is also known as the old name "Oud Batavia" or old Batavia. As we know that Batavia was also a name for the city of Jakarta now. The Old City area which is about 1.3 km2 was once called "Asia Jewel" and "Queen of the East". This region is a very strategic trade center in Asia, especially so many abundant results in this place. Naturally, many leaders are not willing to give up their power in this region.Duration: 2 hours