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Villagers make an income from collecting chicle, pimienta (allspice) and xate (low-growing palm, exported to Holland for floral arrangements) in the surrounding forest. In the xate warehouse at the west end of town, women put together bunches of the plants for export.

Much of the attraction here is the absolute stillness and isolation. Few visitors make it up this way.

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Day Trip to Uaxactun Community from Flores

Uaxactún is a role model that demonstrates how conservation is more efficient and safe when handled by the local communities, their main beneficiaries.Through controlled extraction, the forest is responsibly exploited and preserved at the same time through collection of products such as all spice, Ramón nuts, Xate Palm and Chicle (chewing gum).Enjoy its unique and diverse natural environment. Walk and discover the archaeological site, full of stories and millennial buildings, and the remains of one of the most important cities of the Maya civilization.Departure from Flores and/or Mundo Maya International Airport to Uaxactún (63 km paved-road + 23 km dirt road).Arrival and welcome drink at Uaxactún. Guided tour through Uaxactún’s main groups, including Group E (Astronomical Observatory).Tour to learn about the production of Xate palm. Continue with guided tour through Uaxactún’s main group. Lunch at a local restaurant.Handcraft demonstration and tasting of products from Ramon fruitReturn to Flores at the end of the tour.

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Uaxactun Day Tour from Flores

After pickup at the airport or your hotel, you’ll be driven to the archeological site for your guided tour of Uaxactun. Discover the significance behind the ruins of this ancient Mayan city, located in Guatemala’s southern lowlands, just 12 miles (20 km) north of Tikal. Your guide will enlighten you about the site’s ongoing excavations, which were the first to establish Mayan ceramic styles from approximately 300 BC to the end of the Classic Period (around 900 AD). The artwork at Uaxactún is among the finest in the Mayan world, and a private collection of Mayan ceramics is housed in the onsite museum.Visit a number of ceremonial buildings, including Temple of the Masks, where giant stucco masks decorate a pyramid with stairways on all four sides. Representing jaguars, turtles, eagles, parrots and other animals sacred to the ancient Maya, the sculptures depict individual rulers and guardians of the region. Admire the impressive stelae carved in the four sides of the stairway, where you’ll also find original red paint.Also known as an important astronomical site, Uaxactun boasts an observatory in Complex E—built to mark the summer and winter solstices until the city was abandoned in the 10th century. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the ruins, including the ball court, before lunch on site. After your meal, return back to Santa Elena Peten or Flores, with drop-off at your hotel or the airport in the afternoon.