Must see restaurants in Harar

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    Top Choice
    Fresh Touch Restaurant

    The king of restaurants in Harar, snazzy Fresh Touch is a hot favourite among well-heeled locals and visitors. That’s all thanks to four winning details:…

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    Hirut Restaurant

    Decorated with traditional woven baskets and specialising in authentic local cuisine, this is the most atmospheric place in Harar to sink your teeth into…

  • K
    Kim Café & Restaurant

    This unmissable spot on the main avenue in the new town has a wide variety of cavity-inducing pastries, as well as excellent fruit juices and acceptable…

  • T
    Tesh Café & Restaurant

    This trendy cafeteria does a roaring lunchtime trade in sandwiches, burgers, salads, pasta dishes, cakes, pastries and fruit juices. Breakfast is also…

  • S
    Sherife Restaurant

    The speciality of this popular Muslim restaurant is hanid (goat; you pick which part – the feet, ribs and head are the most popular) served on rice pilaf…

  • W
    Weyzro (‘Miss’) Zewde

    This woman makes what are probably the best samosas (sambusa in Amharic) in Harar. Find her and her deep fryer sitting street-side across from Harar Gate.

  • M
    Misrak Hotel

    It’s the hyenas, not the food, that makes this a special night-time dining option. The animals usually arrive around 8.30pm to scavenge the nearby…