Must see attractions in Harar

  • H
    Harar Brewery

    Built by the Czechs in 1984 and purchased by Heineken in 2011, this is a very modern brewery. Tours are sometimes available in the morning – contact local…

  • E
    Erer Gate Market

    At the eastern end of the old town, Erer Gate was the one Richard Burton entered in 1854, disguised as an Arab merchant. The chat market is found here.

  • F
    Fallana Gate Market

    This attractive gate to the north is the site of a colourful market. A chat market, one of many in the city, is also found here.

  • M
    Medhane Alem Cathedral

    On the east side of Feres Megala is this rather unimpressive cathedral, built by Ras Makonnen in 1890 on the site of an Egyptian mosque.

  • H
    Harar National Museum

    This modest museum across the road from Ras Makonnen’s Palace hosts household artefacts, traditional costumes, weapons and jewellery.

  • L
    Livestock Market

    North of Fallana Gate the weekday livestock market features cows, goats and sheep, but no camels – these are sold at Babille.

  • S
    Selassie Church

    This church doesn't really deserve a gander, but it's a useful landmark off the main thoroughfare.

  • M

    A small mosque just outside the city walls, to the east.