Must see shopping in Greenwich

  • C
    Casbah Records

    This record store is a meeting ground of classic, vintage and rare vinyl (Bowie, Rolling Stones, soul, rock, blues, jazz, indie etc) – as well as DVDs and…

  • M
    Meet Bernard

    Who is Bernard? We’re not sure. But his shop in Nelson Rd is crammed full of carefully selected designer clothes for hip, young men about town.

  • A
    Arty Globe

    The unique fisheye-view drawings of various areas of London (and other cities, including New York, Paris and Berlin) by architect Hartwig Braun are works…

  • N

    If it's 'salty', this 'first shop in the world' (it's just over the meridian at 00'00.4' W, so can thus make that claim) will stock it – from bells and…