Must-see attractions in Croatia

  • Marco Polo Museum

    Korčula Island

    One for the kiddies, this somewhat tacky display tells the story of Polo's extraordinary life by way of seven life-sized waxwork tableaux illustrating key…

  • Sea Gate Tower

    Korčula Island

    This small, crumbling tower has an inscription in Latin from 1592 stating, somewhat fancifully, that Korčula was founded after the fall of Troy. It now…

  • Small Governor's Tower

    Korčula Island

    This tower was built in 1449 to protect the port and the Governor’s Palace, which used to stand next to the town hall. It's not open to the public.

  • Iron Gate


    The high arches of this large double gate lead from Diocletian's Palace to the main city square.

  • New Gate


    This modest archway is the city's most important gate as it is the main tourist entrance from the handy footbridge across the harbour.

  • Large Governor's Tower

    Korčula Island

    Built in 1483, this conical tower protected the harbour and the Governor's Palace, which used to stand next to the town hall.

  • Town Gate


    The main northern entrance to the old town, topped by a statue of the Blessed Ivan Orsini, Trogir's first bishop.

  • Kanavelić Tower

    Korčula Island

    The renovated Kanavelić Tower has a semicircular profile topped with battlements. It's not open to the public

  • Baths


    The remains of the public baths of the ancient Roman city of Salona.

  • St Rok's Gate


    This humble gate is handy for reaching the ferries and excursion boats that line the harbour here.

  • Round Tower


    One of the city's Venetian-era towers; it once guarded the southeastern section of the city.

  • Northern Tower


    A ruined Venetian tower, located in the northeast corner of the old town.

  • Pentagonal Tower


    One of the Venetian towers, flanking the main entrance to the old town.

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