Must-see shopping in Croatia

  • View of KAWA front



    Selling 'wonderful items made by Croatians', this very cool design store sells everything from wines and craft beers to jewellery, clothing, homewares and…

  • Sirana Gligora

    Pag Island

    Pag's most award-winning cheese producer has a wonderful shop where you can taste many of the cheeses before you buy; there are dozens to choose from and…

  • Destilerija Aura

    Central & Eastern Istria

    Occupying the extensive cellars of the elegant 1907-built Narodni Dom (People's House), this Aladdin's cave is filled with glistening bottles, hip flasks…

  • Natura Zara


    This gorgeous little shop, tucked away on a quiet old-city street, sells high-quality Croatian wines, olive oils, honeys, truffles and liqueurs, all from…

  • AurA

    Krk Island

    This excellent little shop in the old town sells local wines, grappa, olive oils and truffles, as well as its homemade brandy and jams. Everything has an…

  • Paška Sirana


    Shopping for a picnic? This fine little shop sells all manner of Croatian cheeses and you can usually try some before you buy.

  • Kutak Knjiga

    Korčula Island

    It's a mystery how Kutak crams books written in Croatian, English, French, Spanish, Czech, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish and Mandarin into such a small…

  • Gligora


    Sheep cheese from the island of Pag is a celebrated Croatian culinary tradition. This is the Zadar shopfront for its multi-award-winning cheeses, as well…

  • Terra Croatica interior

    Terra Croatica Dubrovnik


    A welcome interlude in a streak of shops with cheesy souvenirs and Game of Thrones paraphernalia, Terra Croatica wears its Authentically Croatian Souvenir…

  • UJE front facade seen from Stradun



    Uje specialises in olive oils, along with a wide range of other locally produced epicurean delights, including some excellent jams, pickled capers, local…

  • Skatulica entrance



    In Dubrovnik's dialect, škatulica means ‘small treasure box’. Living up to its name, this little shop serves the best of local knick-knacks in an…

  • The entrance to Medusa shop from Prijeko street



    This self-described 'charming shop for charming people' sells locally produced soaps, flavoured salt, rakija (grappa), neckties, objects made from Brač…

  • Entrance to Studio Aplika

    Studio Aplika


    Interesting printed T-shirts, bags, jewellery, ceramics and art, some of it made on-site.

  • Hrelić


    Croatia's largest and most colourful flea market, a huge space packed with everything from car parts and antique furniture to clothes, records and…

  • Boudoir


    When you walk up cobbled Radićeva street, stop by the buzzer that says ‘press for champagne’ and let yourself into an other-worldly designer shop where…

  • Algebra


    This high-ceilinged space near the clock tower stocks books, gifts and souvenirs. Of special mention is an ample selection of literature in English,…

  • Vintesa


    Hidden inside a courtyard, this pioneer wine shop is a treasure trove of local wines charmingly lined up on brick and wood shelves. The extrafriendly…

  • Cahun


    This 80-year-old family-run hat shop oozes old Zagreb charms. The headgear is meticulously handcrafted following a traditional approach, but infused with…

  • Cerovečki Umbrellas


    Quality, design and a brand story safeguard this umbrella artisan from the onslaught of global products. The shop is a wormhole to a different era,…

  • Zvonimir


    Nataša Trinajstić is a third-generation shoemaker from this well-known Zagreb family. Visit her small shop and studio where she craftily blends the…

  • Craft & Stones


    This little treasure-trove is a dream come true for a local stonemason-artisan couple. Pero carves local limestone into salt and pepper shakers, candle…

  • Moje Tezoro


    Bringing ‘eclectic’ to a new level, this treasure trove stocks antiques from different periods, with some pieces a few centuries old. The curious…

  • Mali Plac s Tavana


    Little Market from the Attic is a weekly food market that started in the attic of food-blogger and stylist Jelena Nikolić and has since been switching…

  • Siroteka

    Pag Island

    Near the tourist office, this tiny shop sells a range of reeking, locally produced cheeses and is open year-round.

  • Jaman Art Center


    Pop art meets surrealism in the busy, colourful canvases by Split-born artist Daniel Jaman. Combining multiple techniques, from acrylic, collage and 3D to…

  • Chiavalon

    Istria's West Coast

    Drop in to this olive-oil producer to stock up on the top-notch product (knock on the door and try your luck in winter), or phone ahead to arrange a tour …

  • Šta Da?


    Literally translating as 'what yes?', 'šta da' is an idiom peculiar to Rijeka meaning something like 'you what!?' or 'really, you don't say!'. This cool…

  • Fish Market


    As stinky and chaotic a scene as you could possibly imagine, Split's indoor-outdoor fish market is a spectacle to behold. Locals head here on a daily…

  • Brist

    Istria's West Coast

    Unlike Vodnjan's many back-door operations, Brist sells its range of five excellent extra virgin olive oils from a cute little shop on the main street…

  • Koza


    This tiny studio-shop on a quiet Upper Town street turns out gorgeous handmade leather bags and accessories like wallets, belts and even flip-flops. The…

  • Miro Tartufi


    Truffles infuse olive oil, cheese and sausage in this cute wee shop. However, the main reason to visit is to arrange a truffle hunt (around €65 per person…

  • Diocletian's Cellars


    The main passage through the basement of Diocletian's Palace is lined with stalls selling jewellery, gifts made from Brač stone, scarves, T-shirts,…

  • Green Market


    This open-air market is the place to come to stock up on fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. While it's busiest in the mornings, a few stallholders stay…

  • Small Loggia


    This historic open-sided market, pressed up against the town walls, is still used by street traders, although these days they mainly deal in jewellery. It…

  • Cadenela

    Istria's West Coast

    Operating out of an ordinary-looking house on the outskirts of town, Cadenela sells top-quality extra virgin olive oils from the family orchard. Call…

  • Antiques Market


    The weekend antiques market on Britanski trg is one of central Zagreb’s joys. Browse tables stuffed with oddities and knick-knacks before grabbing a…

  • Arterija


    A showcase for local designer Gorana Gulišija (and a curated selection of the work of others from the region), this little store stocks interesting women…

  • I-GLE


    Get one of the almost sculptural yet wearable creations by Nataša Mihaljčišin and Martina Vrdoljak-Ranilović, the movers and shakers of Croatia’s fashion…

  • Salon Croata


    Since the necktie originated in Croatia, nothing could make a more authentic gift – and this is the place to get one. The locally made silk neckties are…

  • Znanje


    Zagreb's best bookshop for foreign-language titles. Downstairs there's a vast range of English novels and nonfiction as well as travel guidebooks and a…

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