Historic Site in Hancheng

This lovely and perfectly preserved, 14th-century village nestles in a sheltered location in a loess valley. Once the home of the Dang clan (党家), successful merchants who ferried timber and other goods across the Yellow River, it has since evolved into a quintessential farming community. The village is home to 125 grey-brick courtyard houses, which are notable for their carvings and mix of different architectural styles. The elegant six-storey tower is a Confucian Hall (文星阁; Wénxīng Gé).

As with so many small villages, many of the families have moved out and their homes are now exhibition showrooms, so the village feels rather lifeless. However, it’s well worth a wander to explore the old alleys and admire the historic architecture.

Dǎngjiācūn is 9km northeast of Hánchéng. To get here, take a minibus (¥4, 20 minutes) from the bus station to the entrance road, from where it’s a pleasant 2km walk through fields to the village. A taxi from Hánchéng is another option (¥35 to ¥40).