Must see attractions in Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

  • P
    Palace of Celestial Favour

    One of the six eastern palaces, this dates from 1420, and was used as a residence of imperial concubines. Today it houses a museum displaying a range of…

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    Palace of Great Benevolence

    One of the six eastern palaces in the Forbidden City, this was a residence of imperial concubines. Emperor Kangxi, most exalted of the Qing emperors (or…

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    Palace of Earthly Tranquillity

    This palace was originally the residence of the empress, and in later times became the imperial couple’s bridal chamber (they only spent the first two…

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    Palace of Eternal Harmony

    Built in 1420, this palace has been the residence of numerous empresses, imperial concubines and consorts. It's one of the six eastern palaces in the…

  • F
    Former British Legation

    This historic entryway is all you can see of the palatial former British Legation, now home to China's Security Bureau. It was where most of the…

  • P
    Palace of Accumulated Purity

    One of the Forbidden City's six eastern palaces, this is notable for being the former residence of the young Xianfeng Emperor, who lived here with his mum.

  • G
    Gate of Glorious Harmony

    A portal leading to the Hall of Martial Valour in the western regions of the Forbidden City's outer court.

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    Palace of Great Brilliance

    The northeasternmost of the six eastern palaces of the Forbidden City, it started out as a residence for concubines, and later became a library.

  • S
    Shunzhen Gate

    Small gate leading to the Gate of Divine Prowess, which serves as the Forbidden City's north exit.

  • H
    Hall of Imperial Peace

    This attractive double-eaved hall is the only Taoist temple located on the central axis of Beijing.

  • P
    Pudu Temple

    This inactive Tibetan Buddhist temple can't be entered, but the elevated square in front, which forms part of a small park, is a peaceful little escape…

  • I
    Imperial Granaries

    Several teetering old storehouses here once held grain and rice for the imperial family. Today they've been integrated into a fairly lacklustre enclave of…

  • F
    Former French Post Office

    In Beijing's Former Legation Quarter, this grey brick building served as the French Post Office in the early 20th century. It was recently a Sichuan…

  • F
    Fuyou Temple

    Outside the northwest walls of the Forbidden City is this Qing dynasty Buddhist temple, once used for worshipping the god of rain. It's one of several in…

  • S
    Sheng Xi Fu Hat Museum

    This branch of the famous Sheng Xi Fu Hat Store has a quirky, free-to-visit hat museum out the back, revealing the history of the company and of hats in…

  • R
    Rear Hall

    One of the main halls within the Workers' Cultural Palace, but closed to visitors. It was used to store the spirit tablets of imperial ancestors in its…

  • M
    Middle Hall

    Known locally as the Resting Hall, this imperial building has a yellow-glazed eave-hipped roof. Closed for visitors.