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$1250 Day Trips & Excursions

multi days tours in Douala, Melong, Buea and Limbe

The tour will start at 8:30 am in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. We take three hours to visit arts and craft markets, the metropolitan cathedral and relics of German administration made up of buildings and statues of some of the people who took part in world war one that led to the defeat and ousting of Germans in Cameroon. Then we take two hours break for lunchAfter lunch we visit the Douala kings palace where we will get to know the history of the sawa people and also the significance of the ngondo festival and there after we proceed to the Douala maritime museum where we will get to know how maritime activities evolved in Cameroon and at the end we watch a short 3D movie that last between 6-11 minutes. We end day one here.Day two begins at 9:am. we go to the Ngondo festival ground along the banks of the wouri river where we will spend the morning and afternoon witnessing the different activities made of up traditional rituals intended to hear the message for the coming year from the gods of the river wouri, other activities includes canoe race and traditional dances. Lunch will comprise of snacks purchased in the city or at the festival ground.Day three begins at 8:30 am from Douala driving towards the west region to reach the ekom nkam waterfalls which is a huge fall of 80m high which served as shooting site of the Tarzan greystroke film in 1984. We visit the upper and lower end, take photos and return to Buea where we will spend the night. Day 4 begins at 8:30 in Buea with a visit to the reunification monument that was constructed in honor of 50 years unification between southern Cameroon and la republic du Cameroon. From here we proceed to visit the limbe wildlife center harboring primates most of which are rescued from poachers which will last for about 1 hour. From here we proceed to the black sand beach, lunch and relaxation and by 4 pm we depart for Douala where the tour will end.

$620 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Two days adventure tour to Pongo songo santuary and pygmy village in Kribi

The tour starts at 8:30 am from Douala and we drive 2.5hrs to reach marienberg, a locality in the outskirts of edea. we take a motorized boat at marienberg on the sanaga river to pongo songo santuary where will see the chimpanzee. After about 30-45 minutes visit we take the boat back to the shore and continue the drive to kribi for next 2 hours. The closer we get to Kribi we drive trough large tropical palm oil estates; coconut palms and diverse orchards of various kinds. Upon arrival, in kribi we go the restaurant for late afternoon lunch before heading to the chosen hotel. Day 2 starts with a drive to the Lobe River harbor, we board on our canoe and embark on a breathtaking ride over the calm and mild water. On our canoe ride over the Lobe River we shall see birds of various types trough the thick forest, a great and lively fun to bird’s lovers: the adjacent forest on the two banks of the river is ideal habitat for a wide range of bird species. 45 minutes sailing upward the Lobe River is a revelation of itself as it leads to Namikoumbi, a minor set of few Bakola pygmies clan.We will spend half an hour in this encampment with our hosts and share their cultural values, hopes and worries… Later on, we sail downstream the Lobe River, to the waterfalls. Note that the lobe waterfalls is one of the rare waterfalls in the world that falls directly into the ocean. Here we take a canoe ride closer to the waterfalls at the Atlantic white sand beach of kribi, beach relaxation and 2 pm we depart to Douala. The tour ends upon arrival in Douala.

$2040 Cultural & Theme Tours

End of Year Festivals in Douala and Foumban

Day 1: The tour will start in Douala on 02 December at the banks of the wouri river where the people of Douala and environs will gather in their numbers to witness the rich cultural values of the Duala people. Dressed in colorful fabrics in the various stands you can clearly see how much value is attributed to this festival. Around 9 am the paramount chief of Douala alongside notables and administrative officials arrive the ngondo festival ground where the population must have gathered in their numbers. This festival also provides an opportunity to the many companies in Douala to advertise their products. Activities for the day includes the chief priest who will submerge himself into the bottom of the river with a traditional basket said to carry the to perform a ritual that is intended to receive message from the gods of the river to direct the people for the proceeding year. Also the traditional dances will display in the view of everybody. The canoe race involves groups from different localities of Douala who will compete by sailing their long canoes into the hinterlands of the wouri river and back to the shore where the competitors will celebrate by portraying their swimming skills to the public.Day 2,  8:30 am departure to Foumban that will take 6-7 hours drive. We arrive and go directly to the chosen hotel. Day 3, 8:30 am morning visit to some touristic sites before heading to the ngouon festival ground for the opening concert made up of modern and traditional dances.Day 4, 8:00 we watch a semi marathon, visit the numerous craft shops and during the afternoon we go to the municipal lake to see the traditional fighting sport.Day 5, continue visit to some touristic sites and there after  walk around the village.Day 6 is dedicated for women activities starting with morning caravan of bamoun women and thereafter we go to the mini agropastoral trade fair. 3 pm we go to watch the finals of the women football competition. Day 7 begins with a showcase of the traditional dresses which are so colorfully tailored made with different designs both new and ancient. at 10 am there is a fantasia and the ngouon village and 1 pm is prayer time where we will watch the caravan of colorful horses accompanying the sultan to the central mosque before heading to the lunching ceremony of the ngouon village by the minister of arts and culture. Day 8 we return to Douala and end of tour.

$211.22 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Hike Mount Cameroon Summit

Day 1: At 07;00 we shall pick you up at your hotel in Buea. We will drive to the Upper Farms (elevation: 1015m) where we start the hike through the forest to Hut #1 (1725m and 4km trek) and onto the Savannah Hut (elevation: 2265m and 5.3km trek). On a clear day from the Savannah Hut, you have a beautiful view of the towns of Buea, Tiko, Limbe, parts of Douala, Equatorial Guinea and even the Atlantic Ocean. From here we hike to Hut #2 (elevation: 2825m 6.5km trek) where we spend the night. You can visit a nearby cave and the view at night is wonderful. We will prepare Dinner. We can sit around the fire sharing stories before bedtime. Accommodation: A bed at Fako mountain lodge at hut 2. Meals Dinner, we also provide fruits and mineral water for drinking.Day 2: After breakfast, we depart at 6:30am and hike to Hut #3 (elevation: approx 3760m) where we are able to see the May 2000 eruption crater. Then we hike to the summit (elevation: 4095m and 4.4km trek from hut #2) and we then descend back to the town using the same trail we hike we ascended with. The tour ends when we get back to the hotel Meals: Breakfast and fruits Distance: 15.3km - Hut #2 to the summit is about 4.4km and the summit to the town is about 10.9 km descend)

$2379.99 Cultural & Theme Tours

People and Civilizations of the Grassfields

Day 1: Upon arrival in Yaoundé, you are welcomed and transferred to hotel Meumi Palace for dinner and overnight.Day 2: Yaoundé- Batoufam- Bandjoun: Today we drive from Yaoundé to Ebepda. We'll stop at the Sanaga Bridge and admire local people extracting sand in the river. Then continue on to West Region, and stop to visit the Chief Palace of Batoufam; we will have a meeting with the King before departing to Bandjoun. Overnight at “Centre Climatique de Bandjoun”Day 3: Bandjoun- lac Mbapit- Foumban: After breakfast, we'll drive to Foumbot and trek to visit the “mystical lake of mount Bapit”. We'll then continue on to Foumban to discover the rich and exceptional culture of the Bamoun people. Dinner and overnight at Baba hotel.Day 4: Foumban- Petponoun- Bamendjing: Today will involve an excursion to the Petponoun Touristic Center. We'll enjoy lunch at the center and contine on to visit the Bamendjing Dam. Overnight at “Centre touristique de Bamendjing”.Day 5: Bamendjing- Bamenda- Bamessing- Babungo: Today we'll visit the village Bagam and continue to Bamenda. We'll visit the city and will then continue towards the Sabga Hills to Bamessing. Here, we'll visit the pottery and drive to Babungo for overnight at the Fon’s Palace. Day 6: Babungo- Bamenda: Today is a full day of visiting different touristic attractions in the Kingdom of Babungo, then we drive to Bamenda to overnight in Hotel Ayaba.Day 7: Bamenda – Dschang: Drive from Bamenda to Dschang, stopping to visit the Metche waterfalls. We will visit the museum of civilization here, and have a relaxing time in the evening. Overnight at “Centre Climatique de Dschang”.Day 8: Dschang- Buea: Today, we'll drive through the cliff of Santchou to the Moungo area. We will visit large plantations of banana, pineapples, coffee, cocoa, palm oil, rubber tree, and more. We will visit the capital of South West Region on the foot of Mount Cameroon. Relax in the evening and overnight in Mountain hotel.Day 9: Buea- Limbe: After breakfast, we'll drive to Limbe via the tea plantations, and continue to Bimbia. We'll visit the residue of the historic slave trade site. Return to Limbé, dinner and overnight at “Atlantic beach hotel”.Day 10: Limbe- Douala: This morning we'll swim in the Atlantic Ocean, and visit the botanic gardens and zoo. After this we will depart from Lumbe to Douala for overnight at Jet hotel.Day 11: Douala- Home or Yaounde: Free relaxation in the morning, and shopping in the afternoon. Then, you'll be transferred to the airport for your return flight home.