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This is Cameroon’s centre of government and administration, and one of the most attractive sights is people wearing ministry uniforms, with bright tailor-made African fabrics depicting the various departments.

Located in the centre of the country, Yaoundé can be a useful stop for getting a visa or before heading off into the rest of Cameroon, and a relatively temperate climate makes it a gentler place to start a trip than Douala.

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$89.06 Tours & Sightseeing

Small-Group Yaounde Half-Day City Tour

After pick up from your hotel, the tour will start with a drive over to the Independence Monument, honoring Cameroons independence, proclaimed in 1960. Stop and walk through City Hall garden, enjoying the atmosphere as you learn about the administration of the region and the country of Cameroon as a whole.Next enjoy a stroll through the local marketplace, where local artists sell and talk about their art, these handcrafted pieces are rich and varied in style.The tour then rides towards Kennedy Avenue, where the commercial district is located as well as the famed bronze bust of John F. Kennedy. This statue was commissioned to honor JFK as founder of the Peace Corps in Yaounde.Then continue on to the Reunification Monument, Our Lady of Victories Cathedral, the French Embassy, national assembly, ministry of defense, and important sites such as the King Charles Atangana monument. Through all this, feel free to ask questions about the country’s complicated history, and your local guide will put it all in perspective for what it means today for locals. Take a drive up Febe Mountain to take a break and enjoy a spectacular view of the city before going to Mount Febe Monastery and the grotto of Santa Maria. This area is rich in history and tradition for the city and the grotto was a place of worship designated by the Mayor of Yaounde in 1978.Finally, the tour will finish off with a ride through the Bastos and Nlongkak quarters. Bastos is the diplomatic neighborhood of Yaounde while the neighboring district of Nlongkak is a busy area and marks the crossroads of Yaounde’s north, south, east, and west. At some point along the tour, stop for refreshments at a local bar or cafe to drink alongside locals and enjoy a relaxing chat with your guide. It is the perfect time to get the answers to any questions that you might have missed earlier during the tour.At the end of the tour you will be returned to your hotel around 2pm.

$189.99 Cultural & Theme Tours

Nkolandom Touristic Center

Nikolandom center contains adventures in caves, museums, fishing points, canoeing, and horse riding. If you just want to relax, there is a 3-star hotel that does include a swimming pool too!HIGHLIGHTSOnce you have been picked up at the hotel in Yaounde, we will begin our drive by private car. We will cross the capital city of Cameroon, Yaounde, offering detailed information of different attractions. We will then visit the Ekali village where there is handmade furniture made by local people. We can then spend some time chatting to some of the artisans about their work and their life. Next, you'll continue to the city of Mbalmayo, headquarters of the Nyong & So´o Division. We will visit Mbalmayo and continue driving to Ebolowa, the capital of the south region. You can visit the city and drive 15 minutes from there to the Nkonlandom touristic center. All the way to the center is a tarred road. Once you get to the ¨Mountain of Elegance¨ as locals call it, a smart and knowledgeable tour guide will warmly welcome you. He will tell you about the marvels of this Touristic center.

$119.99 Cultural & Theme Tours

Ekali and Ebogo Forest Ecotour

But before that, you are going to board the Nyong River in a canoe. Here we can enjoy all the biodiversity potential that Cameroon has to offer - hundreds of animal species!Highlights of Today:Today you will be picked up at your hotel in the morning, typically just after breakfast.  We will cross the capital city of Cameroon with a driver and private car. Our drive includes detailed information of different attractions throughout Yaounde.Next, we will visit the Ekali Village. This village is very special and is known for its handmade furniture made by local people. We will get to chat to some of the artisans about their work and life. This is a really interesting and great opportunity!After our village visit, we will continue to the city of Mbalmayo, the capital of the Nyong and So´o Division. We will visit Mbalmayo and continue driving to village Ebogo.Here, we will board a canoe and take an excursion on the Nyong River to visit the forest, our ride is about 30 minutes.We will begin our short trek into the forest and get an amazing chance to see the oldest and biggest trees in the world, according to locals (over 1,000 years old).The site has several biodiversity hotspots and includes many wild animals, endemic bird species, tons of fish species, hundreds of butterflies, and many other tree species.We will then return to the village and enjoy lunch in a restaurant with local food.Bringing the tour to an end, we will then drive back to Yaoundé.

$189.99 Tours & Sightseeing

Yaoundé By Night

..is because even by night, you can discover plenty of places to eat and experience some time with the locals of Yaoundé, and also enjoy some of the most popular drinks.Yaoundé's evening tour will take you around some of the hottest spots in Yaoundé after dark. After a day full of activities, you'll want to hang out with the city's locals - over a beer and local nosh, no doubt! HighlightsTonight you'll discover a side of Yaoundé you've never seen before with a local guide who knows all the best spots!Tonight will give you the opportunity to sample authentic Cameroon cuisine, popular local beers, and beverages! Plenty!Hanging out in some cool local Yaoundé evening hotspots is another side to the country that some would miss. Opting to soak in an evening out has the opportunity to change your entire view of a city. Similar to most cities, nightlife has its own special feeling and vibes. The evening is always alive with many lights, sounds, music, smells, and usually more locals too! The locations you're taken to this evening vary based on what is popular, but you'll be on the pulse of the latest and greatest.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

$189.99 Day Trips & Excursions

Yaounde City Private Tour with Febe Mountain

Start your journey with pickup from your hotel or accommodation within Yaounde between 9am-10am. After pickup, your first stop for the day will be at the Independence Monument. This monument is a representation of Cameroon's independence from France that was proclaimed on January 1, 1960. A very important and special part of history that your guide can happily inform you about. While we are in the area, we will spend some time to admiring the City Hall Garden and take a stroll through it. While we are at City Hall, your guide will give you some information regarding the administrative organization of the Region and the Country before we make our way to the Handicraft Center. The Handicraft Center in the city recently hosted the fifth International Handicraft Exhibition. The center is part of a government initiative to promote the country's craft work and as a result create employment for locals. At the center, there are beautiful pieces to observe and it is truly a wonderful experience getting to experience some of Cameroon's culture through local art.  Once we are finished at the center, we will make our way to Kennedy Avenue, the business district of the city. This area is always quite busy and there is always a lot of action to experience here. Once we arrive, we will see the monument of John F. Kennedy at the beginning of the avenue. The statue is made in honor of JFK as founder of the Peace Corps in Yaounde. We will then continue on to the Reunification Monument.This monument stands for the reunification between French and British Cameroons. Situated among a beautiful garden, the statue represents and important part of Cameroon's past, present, and also plays a significant roll in their future. Next we will make our way to the beautiful Our Lady of Victories Cathedral. Here we will have a chance to spend some time and walk around visiting the surroundings of the Reunification Monument that neighbors the military camp and the French Embassy. To finish off our day, we will drive towards the Febe Mountain. We will stop at the top to enjoy nice view of the city and then drive to the Monastery of Mount Fébé the grotto of Santa Maria.  On our way back to your accommodation, we will take a drive to the Bastos quarter, which is a diplomatic neighborhood, and also the Nlongkak quarter. Next, our day will come to an end and you'll be dropped off at your desired location in Yaounde.

$2249.99 Multi-day & Extended Tours

The Lobéké National Park

Day1: Upon arrival in Yaoundé, you're welcomed at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Dinner and overnight. Day 2: Yaoundé- Doumé- Bertoua- Batouri: Today we will drive to Bertoua (340 kilometres of good road) with a stop at Doume, the capital of the East Region during the colonial period, where you visit the city with an old German fort. We will visit the city of Bertoua, the capital of the East Region. Then we will continue to Batouri (100 kilometres of dirt road) where we will enjoy dinner and overnight.Day 3: Batouri- Yokadouma- Mambélé: Today we will drive to Mambélé (360 kilometres of dirt road), with a stop at Yokadouma. Here we will complete some entry formalities with park authorities, and elaborate on the program. We will stay overnight in the village. Day 4: Lobéké National Park: Today we will drive from Mambele Village to the car-drop- off-point in Lobeke National Park (45 kilometres) to “petite savane”. We will then hike under the forest canopy to the watchtower (6 kilometres). Attractions here include: large trees, sound of cicadas and birds, different species of monkeys, and other animals. Our afternoon will entail wildlife sightings of animals during wallowing or feeding hours in the forest clearing from the comfort of watchtower. Here there is the possibility to see gorillas, elephants, sitatunga, bongos, buffaloes, giant forest hogs, duikers, … and also many species of birds. We will overnight in tents close to watchtower this evening. Day 5: Lobéké National Park: We will begin early this morning for wildlife sightings from the watchtower in “petite savane”, then hike 9 kilometres to the second watchtower with many monkeys foraging on the way, especially the black and white colobus monkeys.  Afternoon will be spent wildlife sighting and we will overnight in tents.  Day 6: Lobéké National Park: Our morning will involve morning wildlife sightings. We will leave the second watchtower at noon and hike back to the 1st watchtower in “petite savane”. Our afternoon wildlife sighting will be in “petite savane”.We will overnight here. Day 7: Lobéké National Park: Morning wildlife sighting will be from the watchtower, and then we will hike back to the car-drop- off-point. Today we will return to Mambélé, and drive to Yokadouma for overnight. Day 8: Yokadouma- Bertoua- Yaoundé (640 kilometres) Day 9: Yaoundé - return flight: Today we can enjoy a city tour together and shop in the handicraft center for some souvenirs. Later you will transfer to the Yaoundé International Airport in the evening for return flight.**We strongly urge booking at least two weeks in advance to guarantee your spot in the description.