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Strandzha Mountains Safari Adventure and Boat Tour

This is how your day will look like: 08.30 Departure from Sunny Beach  Direct transport to and from the hotel you are staying in with comfortable SUVs 10.15 A visit to the megalithic Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash from 14th c. B.C., which is situated in the environs of the Ropotamo Reserve. It features the Ranuli sanctuary, a circle of enormous stones situated on a rocky surface in the midst of a meadow. The ancients deified the area, sacrificed gifts and turned it into a peculiar temple. 12.15 A look around the pretty Strandzha village of Brodilovo, still keeping its authentic atmosphere of the past. Brodilovo is located within the boundaries of Strandzha Nature Park, at the foot of the Golyama Papiya volcano massif. It is situated on the left bank of the Veleka River. In Brodilovo you have the opportunity to feel the unique idyll of the Strandzha Mountains, to enjoy the traditional Strandzha cuisine with home-made dishes from bio-products, to try the genuine and unmatched taste of nature, to rediscover the mystery of the Strandzha Mountains!  In Brodilovo, you may: Visit the St. Panataleon Church, which is a monument of culture; Visit a typical Strandzha house with a vegetable garden and domestic animals; Enjoy traditional Strandzha specialties, home-grown fruit and vegetables; Experience an unforgettable off-road ride in the Strandzha. 15.30 A Ropotamo River boat trip observing rare plant and animal species. The banks of the Ropotamo River are very picturesque. The magnificent dense forest with its lush vegetation and lianas and the beautiful water lilies add to the exotic atmosphere of a tropical jungle. Above the reserve’s territory passes Via Pontica, the way of migratory birds, which is the reason for the presence of various species of geese, ducks, snipes, and cormorants.  17.30 back to your hotel

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