Must-see attractions in Amazonas

  • C
    Centro de Interpretación Natütama

    The Centro de Interpretación Natütama has a fascinating museum with nearly 100 life-sized wood carvings of Amazonian flora and fauna. There’s also a small…

  • M
    Museu Amazônico

    Housed in a converted mansion, the Museu Amazônico has a small but excellent collection of indigenous items and artifacts from around the Amazon, many…

  • E
    Encontro das Aguas

    Tefé has a small Encontro das Aguas, where an offshoot of the creamy-brown Solimões merges with the red-black water pouring out of Lago de Tefé. It's an…

  • S
    Seminario San José

    In town, Seminario San José is a striking structure that occupies the entire northern side of Praça Tulio Avevêdo. It was once a seminary and is now used…

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    Catedral Metropolitana de Manaus

    Manaus' main cathedral has twin bell towers and a warm yellow interior. It makes for a welcome respite from the busy streets just outside.

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    Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro

    The former home of eccentric German rubber baron Waldemar Scholz, the Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro was built in the early 1900s and served for many…

  • S
    Sarapo Brewery

    Craft beer has been slow in coming to the Amazon, but this small-scale operation fills a niche with its excellent Sarapo beer, made with hops imported…

  • A
    As Misões

    As Misões was founded in 1897 and has a huge church and a cemetery full of former missionaries. It has also served as a vocational training center, and…

  • P
    Porto Flutuante

    Inaugurated in 1902, Manaus' 'floating port' was a technical marvel of its day, able to adjust 15m or more to seasonal water levels. (Look for high water…