Must-see attractions in Wallonia

  • Chapelle des Remparts


    The squat little Chapelle des Remparts is not immediately attractive, but it's remarkable for its super-thick walls, having been fashioned from the former…

  • Palais des Congrès


    The elegant stone-and-brick Palais des Congrès conference centre was rebuilt in the 1930s with war reparations from Germany (the German army having…

  • Église St-Joseph


    The tall, red baroque frontage of this church is a notable landmark in the centre of town. Long-term restoration of St-Joseph began in 2017, and the…

  • ‘King of Liars’ Seat


    This tiny stone seat is where the Roi des Menteurs (King of the Liars) is crowned during September's amusingly drunken Fêtes de Wallonie festivities.

  • Casino Building


    Namur's belle époque casino dominates the riverfront below the citadel.