Must see attractions in Azerbaijan

  • Q
    Qədim Quba

    Quba is famous for its handmade carpets and this workshop is one accessible place where visitors can see the process in action.

  • M

    Zaqatala's biggest new mosque has a distinctively Turkish design.

  • S
    Supreme Court

    Elegant new stone building with colonnaded pseudo-Greek frontage.

  • '
    'Albanian' Church

    A coven of museum ladies beckon unsuspecting tourists into this unusual building, a circular former church. A sign claims it dates from the 7th century or…

  • H
    Hündür Gümbəzli Hamam

    Restored in 2018, this 19th-century brick hamman building has a distinctive beehive dome and lies on a street that has several patches of archetypal old…

  • B
    Bottle House

    Worth a 20-second stop if you're passing, this residential home has been transformed into a quirky artwork using hundreds of glass beer, champagne and…

  • V

    Vank is unlike any other village in Karabakh – if not the world – thanks to the patronage of native son Levon Hairapetian. The Moscow-based lumber baron…

  • T

    Tigranakert is one of the four cities founded by Tigran the Great, but the only one known to historians today. It was founded in the 1st century BC, and…

  • A
    Amaras Monastery

    Founded by St Gregory the Illuminator and completed by his grandson, Bishop Grigoris, the Amaras Monastery dates from the 5th century. It's a hugely…

  • A
    Azokh Cave

    The extraordinary Azokh cave, not far from the village of Azokh, is 14km south of Karmir Shuka (also known as Krasny Bazar). About 200m before the village…

  • P
    Plane Tree

    Just before the village of Karmir Shuka (also known as Krasny Bazar) if you're coming from Stepanakert, follow the signs uphill to the home of a 2000-year…

  • N
    Nikol Duman Memorial Museum

    The wonderfully named village of Ghshlagh houses this unique museum, which honours the life of the leader of the Dashnaks, a late-19th-century left-wing…

  • V
    Vankasar Church

    This attractive 7th-century church is perched on a hillside high above Tigranakert and affords wonderful views of the otherworldly landscape in the area…

  • M
    Mayraberd Fortess

    Just outside the town of Askeran, 14km north of Stepanakert, is the impressive ruin of Mayraberd Fortess. Built by Panah Khan in the 18th century, it once…