Must see attractions in Azerbaijan

  • B
    Baku Eye

    This 60m big wheel performs attractive light shows after dark. It spins very slowly, so a ride takes nearly 15 minutes including stops. Should you tire of…

  • F

    The snazzy little funicular whisks you up from near the restaurant Chinar to the Flame Towers area in just three minutes. Time between departures can vary…

  • W
    War Memorial

    Raised on a hillside high above the city, the WWII memorial is a vertical twist of concrete scroll fronted by a mourning woman with her head between her…

  • B
    Baku Khans' Palace

    The minimal remnants of what had once been the palace, bath-house and garden of Baku's 18th-century khans is to be rebuilt as a museum, with interactive…

  • H
    Historical Museum

    This small museum is worth a five-minute glimpse to peruse faded photos of the area's attractions amid old pots, jewellery, jeweled horse equipment,…

  • S
    Stalin's Prison

    This sturdy brick-barrel tower once imprisoned Joseph Stalin during his early revolutionary days. However, there's no attempt to commemorate the fact and…

  • İ
    İmam Hüseyn Mosque

    Overshadowed by vast new apartment towers, the fine İmam Hüseyn Mosque features some attractive Moorish and art nouveau stone-design elements. Opening…

  • H
    Hacı Cəfər Məscid

    Fronted by a wild rose-bush, this colourfully painted brick mosque, originally built as a square-plan church, is the most eye-catching of several minor…

  • B
    Baku Business Center

    One of the Bulvar's striking if smaller modern constructions, the BBM is a 21st-century conference centre with a blue-glass sea-facing back, but a…

  • C
    Cümə Mosque

    Şәki's foremost mosque dates from the 18th century and sports a standalone 28m brick minaret with a metal tulip-shaped point.

  • N
    Nizami Statue

    A fine statue of Azerbaijan's 12th-century 'Shakespeare' stands proud in the stepped gardens leading up from the Literature Museum that's named in his…

  • R
    Ruined Church

    The overgrown ruins of this once grand, barrel-towered church sit between Old Town Square and the fortress.

  • O
    Omar Əfəndiyev Mosque

    This small, 19th-century mosque is a typical brick structure that fits harmoniously with the architecture of MF Axundzadə pr, looking especially…

  • L
    Lahıc History Museum

    This quaint little one-room collection of cultural artefacts is housed in a 1902 former mosque next door to the tourist office. Posted opening times are…

  • A
    Alexander Nevski Church

    This 1887 Russian Orthodox Church is still a place of active worship, with a central Byzantine-style dome and plenty of colourful murals and wafting…

  • H
    Həzi Aslanov Statue

    The figure standing proudly in front of the train station is local WWII hero Həzi Aslanov, whose plinth rises from a stylised concrete tank.

  • D
    Dance Mural

    This colourful mosaic showing a couple dancing the mazurka adds an attractive aspect to the north end of Nәrimanov küç.

  • Q
    Qədim Quba

    Quba is famous for its handmade carpets and this workshop is one accessible place where visitors can see the process in action.

  • M

    Zaqatala's biggest new mosque has a distinctively Turkish design.