Must-see restaurants in Bukhara

  • M
    Top Choice

    Bukhara's most charming and professional restaurant is this perennially popular place with a fantastic roof terrace overlooking the sunset-framed domes of…

  • S
    Top Choice

    A welcome addition to the eating scene, this restaurant fronting the Lyabi-Hauz is housed in a beautifully appointed two-storey building with both…

  • C
    Chinar Chaikhana

    Occupying a large property just a short stroll from Lyabi-Hauz, this self-styled chaikhana is actually a full restaurant rather than just a teahouse. Come…

  • B
    Bella Italia

    There is surprisingly decent Italian food at this classy space on the eastern edge of the old town. The outdoor seating is romantic and the pizza and…

  • L

    Dining al fresco around the venerable pool with grey-beards, local families and Russian tourists is the quintessential Bukhara experience. The chaikhana…

  • B
    Budreddin Restaurant

    Budreddin has a great location on the western side of Lyabi-Hauz, with a small blacksmith's workshop marking the entrance. The outdoor seating in the faux…

  • O
    Old Bukhara Restaurant

    One the better choices in Bukhara's centre has tables set around a pleasant tree-filled courtyard as well as quieter options on the terraces and roof. The…

  • C
    Chashmai Mirob

    It’s known more for its fabulous view of the Mir-i-Arab and Kalon Mosque than for its home-cooked food, but you can still eat passably here, though you…

  • B
    Bolo Hauz Chaikhana

    This large chaikhana in the park opposite the Ark is an ideal place for a cheap and simple meal of Uzbek salads, soups, plov (pilaf) or noodles. There's…