Must-see attractions in Bukhara

  • T
    Taki-Telpak Furushon

    The Cap Makers Bazaar is a typically domed bazaar straddling one of Bukhara's main street junctions. It contains several souvenir stalls that still sell…

  • O
    Old Town Walls

    Not far from the Ismail Samani Tomb is the Talipach Gate and one of the city's few remaining eroded sections of Shaybanid-era town walls. Only 2km out of…

  • T

    The Moneychangers' Bazaar is a typically domed bazaar straddling one of Bukhara's main street junctions. It contains several souvenir stalls and a…

  • A
    Abdul Aziz Khan Medressa

    The student rooms at the 16th-century Abdul Aziz Khan Medressa are occupied, rather typically, by souvenir shops. This is an unrestored gem, built by its…

  • B
    Buyan Khuli Khan Mausoleum

    Only hardcore fans of Islamic architecture will want to travel 2km east of the centre to this delicate little mausoleum, the resting place of a Mongol…

  • T
    Turki Jandi Mausoleum

    Deep in the old town is the tiny and decrepit Turki Jandi mausoleum, favoured for getting one’s prayers answered. Turki Jandi’s tomb is accessed through…

  • S

    A century ago there were at least seven synagogues in Bukhara, reduced after 1920 to two. This synagogue is located southwest of the old town – from the…

  • M
    Modari Khan Medressa

    Southeast of Samani Park are two massive medressas, one named for the great Shaybanid ruler Abdulla Khan (currently empty) and the other for his mother…

  • H
    Hoja Zayniddin Mosque

    In Bukhara's backstreets between Hoja Nurabad and Islamov, across from the Ark on Hoja Nurabad, the interior of the 16th-century Hoja Zayniddin Mosque has…

  • G
    Gaukushan Medressa

    At the intersection of Jubar and Naqshbandi is the large 16th-century Gaukushan Medressa, with chipped majolica on its unrestored facade. It's normally…

  • J
    Jewish Cemetery

    This cemetry, just south of the Old Town, is perhaps the most impressive evidence of the previous size of the local Jewish community. It's a well…

  • A
    Abdulla Khan Medressa

    This medressa named after the Shaybanid ruler Abdulla Khan is part of an ensemble together with the Modari Khan Medressa. The medressa is empty but you…

  • K
    Kukeldash Medressa

    The Kukeldash Medressa, built in 1569 by Abdullah II, was at the time the biggest Islamic school in Central Asia. It now hosts the occasional evening…

  • H
    Hoja Nasruddin

    On the eastern side of Lyabi-Hauz is a statue of Hoja Nasruddin, a semi-mythical ‘wise fool’ who appears in Sufi teaching-tales around the world.

  • P
    Puppet Museum

    The displays here on the history and manufacture of Bukhara's famous puppets are worth a quick visit, especially if you have kids in tow.