Must-see shopping in Fort Worth

  • Peters Bros Hats

    Fort Worth

    Get your Stetson on at this downtown hat shop, in business since 1911. Enjoy the wall of fame – famous folks wearing their hats.

  • ML Leddy's

    Fort Worth

    Ah, the smell of leather that unmistakably says 'new boots.' Check out the bank ledgers, which contain the foot measurements of rock stars and presidents…

  • Retro Cowboy

    Fort Worth

    Cool cowboy-themed stuff that screams 'perfect Fort Worth souvenir!' Look hard and you'll find the elusive jackalope.

  • Competition Music

    Fort Worth

    If Fort Worth's incredible music scene has you thinking you want to join in, this is the shop to get gear. It's one of the region's best indie dealers of…

  • Stockyards Station

    Fort Worth

    The former sheep and hog pens of Stockyards Station house a (mostly mediocre) mall of sorts. More authentic western-themed antique shops line Main St.

  • General Store

    Fort Worth

    Tourist tat of the kind of stuff that you fear might be the actual soul of the Stockyards – which it ain't.

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