Must-see attractions in Maui

  • Nakalele Point Light Station

    West Maui

    Dating back to 1908, the light station started out as wooden structure with a temporary light on top, then became a watch shelter. It wasn't until 1922…

  • Keʻanae Park

    The Road to Hana

    Keʻanae Park is a large green space opposite the scenic coastline of jagged black lava and hypnotic white-capped waves. Forget swimming, as the water is…

  • Lahaina Public Library Grounds


    The gardens here were once a royal taro field, where Kamehameha II toiled in the mud to instill in his subjects the dignity of labor. Today they offer a…

  • Huakini Bay

    Hana & East Maui

    Huakini hosts a deserted, rough and rocky beach (you might see a few fishers). From the two gateposts just east of the 30-mile marker, walk down the dirt…

  • St John’s Episcopal Church

    North Shore & Upcountry

    Overlooking a gorgeous view of the coast, this local landmark (c 1907) still bears its name in Chinese characters. It hosts the annual Kula Fest in early…

  • Kawilinau

    Haleakalā National Park

    Legend says that the pit leads down to the sea, though the National Park Service says it’s just 65ft deep.

  • Sea Arch View

    Hana & East Maui

    Just west of mile marker 29, an impressive coastal sea arch is visible from the Piʻilani Hwy.

  • Waikani Falls, Road to Hana, East Maui.

    Waikamoi Falls

    The Road to Hana

    There’s only space for a few cars before the bridge at the 10-mile marker, but unless it’s been raining recently don’t worry about missing this one. The…

  • Science City

    Haleakalā National Park

    As the sun rises, this collection of domed observatories shimmers just beyond the summit. Nicknamed Science City, this area is, unfortunately, off-limits…

  • Haipuaʻena Falls

    The Road to Hana

    For a secluded dip, Haipuaʻena Falls, 0.5 miles past the 11-mile marker, provides a deep and serene pool. Since you can’t see the pool from the road, few…

  • Koʻolau Ditch

    The Road to Hana

    For more than a century the Koʻolau Ditch has been carrying up to 450 million gallons of water a day through 75 miles of flumes and tunnels from Maui’s…

  • Magnetic Peak

    Haleakalā National Park

    The iron-rich cinders in this flat-top hill, which lies immediately southeast of the summit building (in the direction of Hawaiʻi, the Big Island), pack…

  • Hana Community Center

    Hana & East Maui

    Anchors the town park, which has a baseball field, tennis courts and a playground, all behind Travaasa Hana resort. There are also public restrooms –…

  • Mai Poina ʻOe Iaʻu Beach Park


    This long sandy beach at the northern end of Kihei is a popular morning launch for outrigger canoes and kayaks. After the wind picks up in the afternoon,…

  • La Pérouse Monument

    Kihei & South Maui

    A lava rock monument honoring French explorer Jean Francois de Galaup La Pérouse marks the entrance to La Perouse Bay. La Perouse, who arrived in 1786,…

  • Oskie Rice Arena

    North Shore & Upcountry

    Near downtown Makawao, this arena hosts a rodeo the weekend closest to July 4 and polo matches in the fall.

  • Light Beacon

    Kihei & South Maui

    Modern light signal on Cape Hanamanioa.