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The Alabama border is just a few miles down the road, which helps explain the vibe of Pensacola, a city that jumbles laid-back Southern syrup with Florida brashness. With lively beaches, a Spanish-style downtown, and a thrumming military culture, this is by far the most interesting city in the Panhandle.While urban chic trends (locavore food, craft cocktails, etc) are taking root, visitors still primarily come to... Read More

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$19.99 Tours & Sightseeing

Tour of Pensacola's Landmarks

Your morning tour begins in the historic Belmont-Devilliars neighborhood of Pensacola and brings you to many of Pensacola's historical sites. As you explore Pensacola through its landmarks you'll hear stories which can be bizarre, humorous and just amazing. Pensacola's landmarks are truly one-of-a-kind,and reflect the city's diverse cultural identity. See a locomotive in the middle of the street, monuments of statesman and soldiers, unique buildings and historic homes. You'll become transfixed, entertained and awed by the narration provided by your tour guide, a native of Pensacola, who will share some of their favorite landmarks and associated stories. The tour even includes a walk inside the Pensacola Visitor's Information Center. Monuments, buildings and businesses are often overlooked, but they characterize the community and its culture.

$19.99 Tours & Sightseeing

Ghosts and Graveyard Tour of Pensacola

Learn about the five types of hauntings that are common in Pensacola.Begin at an active funeral home and learn about the embalming process.  Learn about others who have worked on bodies and some who enjoyed their occupation a little too much.  Visit another funeral home that has been converted into a Youth center and hear why so many children go home with nightmares.  There are even stories of bones that were dug up in the backyard.  Travel into the Seville Historic District and see a house where abortions were conducted and the remains were hidden in the walls until the smell gave away the secret hideaways.  See where a murder happened and why some still hear the gunshots.  Learn where one man took a psychic's advice:  He dug up his yard and removed his house to find a buried treasure.  Hear what happened when one adolescent let the Devil inside or another who got tempted to play too close to the stove.  There also is the story of the man who got his skull crushed just outside where the bus was parked.  What about the Greek immigrant who everyone hated and somehow disappeared?  Then in Sanders Beach, you can see the outside of the most haunted house where psychics now won't even visit.  In a cemetery, you can see where a person was almost buried alive and another who was.  You can also see the grave of the most notorious black train robber in U.S. history and hear why some say he is still upset.  In North Hill, you can see Pensacola's first upscale neighborhood, where most of the homes are over 100 years old.  One home was featured on the Science Fiction Channel's hit TV series, Haunted Collector.  The residents still see things.  This is a fast paced tour for the person who wants fascinating ghost stories with historical background.  All stories were heavily researched and are sure to entertain.  We operate under moonlight and unfortunately can't predict the visibility of landmarks from specific distances.  We can guarantee you a fun tour though!

$21.99 Tours & Sightseeing

Civil War Tour of Pensacola

Your morning will begin by visiting downtown Pensacola and discovering the city's Civil War past. You'll learn how Pensacola went from being the largest and most prosperous city in Florida to a town largely burnt and destroyed. Your guide will explain how the citizens of Pensacola got caught onto the secessionist sentiment and how President Lincoln and the nation felt the war would begin in Pensacola.The tour will progress toward the Naval Air Station, which in 1861 was the site of the second largest shipyard in the South and three fortifications.  Soon, Pensacola became the most militarized and hotly contested city in Florida. You'll see the battle lines and experience why the Federal enclave became a haven for runaway slaves. Your guide will provide you with expert commentary and will play music from the era to bring this story alive with remarkable clarity, action and strategy. The tour includes a visit to the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse and inside Ft. Barrancas--one of the best preserved Civil War forts in the South.

$21.99 Tours & Sightseeing

North Hill Historic Homes Tour of Pensacola

The tour begins at Ft. George, which was a fort that sat on the southern end of the neighborhood.  You will hear how the military denuded the tree canopy from 1780-1865, after which people with means decided to build on the former military grounds and enjoy the scenic views and breezes off Pensacola Bay.  Even today, people in North Hill sometimes dig up artifacts because most of the neighborhood was a battlefield.  You will learn about the "Jingle Bell" house, because its owner was the son of the person who wrote the famous Christmas song.  It has been in the same family for over 100 years.  You will see examples of the first type of pine shake roofs, which were popular initially, and then hear why asbestos shingles became the rage.  You will also examine interior styles--why and when some covered up their stained wood work.  There is the house whose owners defied many experts and saved it from demolition.  Their efforts won them recognition in "This Old House" magazine.  You will see what a house looks like when one shoots Roman candles inside and how it too was saved.  Barbara will describe how the recent housing bubble effected prices in North Hill, and show examples of what happened to one house in particular.  You can experience how a young builder used his talents to rehab a hippy house.  Another man describes the home as a wedding gift and also how his father would have his workers move the azaleas around so they got enough sunlight on all sides.  Another neighbor describes how there is no central heat in his 5000 sq. ft. mansion.  They use fireplaces exclusively.You can even see the homes of Marilyn Monroe's mother and Wallis Warfield Simpson.The tour includes tragic stories also.  One family laments how their daughter got lead poisoning.  Living while renovating an old house can be dangerous.  Another tale involves residents who tried to evade City authorities and do work without a permit.   The stories Barbara and the neighbors relate are amazing. The list goes on.  This tour should be mandatory for anyone interested in buying an old house.  It is fun, engaging and informative.  There is a reason North Hill has the largest voluntary neighborhood association and is seen by some as one of the best places to live in Pensacola.

$30 Tours & Sightseeing

Pub Crawl of Pensacola by Pedal Trolley

Explore downtown Pensacola's vibrant bar scene on this 2-hour pub crawl by pedal trolley. Whether your a cyclist, beer enthusiast or just looking to have a good time, a tour on this 15-seater pedal trolley will sure make for great memories and is the perfect eco-tainment for anyone who enjoys a new adventure!Your tour will start at the Pensacola Bay Brewery located in the heart of downtown where you'll board your pedal trolley for your pub crawling adventure. You'll stop at 3 to 5 different breweries: Old Hickory Whiskey Bar O'Riley's Irish Pub World of Beer 5 1/2 Bar Khon's on Palafox You will be sure to share a memorable experience with friends, while uncovering the city’s rich culture, energized downtown and the city’s eclectic historical district.Please note: All participants will be required to sign a waiver at the beginning of the tour. Minimum age is 16 years to participate, you must be 21 years to consume alcohol.

$19.99 Tours & Sightseeing

Historic Tour of Pensacola

On this afternoon tour, you'll learn about colonial Pensacola and the largest battle ever to be fought in Florida. While the city often celebrates its original Spanish establishment in 1559, it sometimes overlooks the next 250 years of colonial history. You will be able to see where the original 1756 Spanish village began and ended downtown. You will also see what the British did to transform the community to a town that we could recognize today as well as where they erected four fortifications to guard it from Spanish attack. Learn why Pensacola was so important to the Spanish and how they took the town. Your guide will take you to trace the marches of the Spanish and French forces and to see over a dozen battle sites in what became the longest siege of the American Revolution. You will also tour Ft. George, which in 1781 was the largest British fort.  After this tour, you'll definitely understand how and why Pensacola developed the way it did.