Best restaurants in The Carpathians

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Chernivtsi


    Tea, porridge, real English breakfasts – if you're from Blighty you'll love this tranquil retreat with its boutique interior, impeccably polite, English-speaking waiters and a quite un-Ukrainian atmosphere of calm and unobtrusiveness. And if you're from anywhere else, the Caesar salad, fried porcini appetisers, Black Forest gateau, pork in chilli sauce, panacotta and handmade chocolates remind you of the culinary world you left behind.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Yaremche


    Quite understandably the backdrop to many souvenir photos, this large, ornate log cabin built in the 1950s serves pretty decent food. The menu includes river fish, forest mushrooms, polenta, pancakes and all sorts of other authentically prepared regional fare. The interior is Yaremche's most tasteful, featuring real Hutsul fabrics, wood carving and ceramics – don't sit outside or you'll miss it.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk


    A recent addition to Ivano-Frankivsk's growing dining and drinking scene, this fresh, casual bistro is incredibly progressive for Ukraine. Enjoy meat, pasta, salads and eastern Slavic favourites such as borshch and Carpathian trout amid blonde wood and to a funky soundtrack. Our only criticism is for the 'gourmet' portion sizes, but the long drinks menu almost makes up for those.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Uzhhorod


    'The Kitchen' serves high-quality European food in a jazzy, contemporary dining room from where you can watch chefs prepping your meal. A few traditional Carpathian dishes make it onto the menu (eel, boar) but international favourites made using top-quality ingredients rule here. There are 45 types of wine to choose from and a huge selection of whisky for postprandial chill-out time.

  • Restaurants in Kosiv


    A much-needed addition to Kosiv's calamitous dining scene, the funky, almost hipster Garden feels completely out of place on Kosiv's scruffy streets. The urbane, faux-cosmo design, all lime greens, grey fabrics and chunky wood, sets the scene for the commendable attempts at pizza, salads and meat dishes. Some dishes contain rare ingredients such as pomegranate seeds; coffee comes with hot milk.

  • Restaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk


    Franko plates up some of the best gourmet Ukrainian food in the Carpathians and has the door stickers to prove it. The finely tuned varenyky (dumplings), ukha (fish soup), deruny (potato pancakes) and kotlety (meatballs) are a world away from their canteen cousins, but there's lots of more sophisticated fare on the extensive menu if you've had your fill of Slavic edibles.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk


    Floating cloth lamps, simple timber furniture and a jolly soundtrack greet you at this cosy, family-friendly place. The menu is a simple affair of rare delights in regional Ukraine – how about carrot and ginger soup with bacon, baked trout in white wine sauce, lentil bake, freshly squeezed juices and sweet and savoury waffles, all made with organic ingredients as much as possible.

  • Restaurants in Yaremche

    Kolyba Krasna Sadyba

    Krasna Sadyba's kolyba (wooden hut) is one of the best eating spots in Yaremche, serving sumptuous spit-roasted pork, beef shashlyk (shish kebab), chicken wings or salmon on a terrace overlooking the river or in the understated Hutsul dining room. Borshch, forest-mushroom soup, carp, trout and banosh (a kind of Carpathian polenta) are other options. Beware – the interior seriously overheats in summer.

  • Restaurants in Kolomyya

    Kafe Elina

    This cafe behind the Museum of Hutsul Folk Art is a typical Hutsul kolyba (mountain inn) arrangement with tables and knick-knacks in a wooden hut serving large portions of Ukrainian favourites. In summer the set-up is reminiscent of a Bavarian beer garden with tables and little fairy-lit gazebos and pavilions nestling under mature trees. Service is efficient and polite.

  • Restaurants in Rakhiv


    Rakhiv's fanciest dining option is a tranquil island of style and efficient service, and a fine place to grab some post-hike grub (but lose the muddy hiking boots first). Most items on the long menu, from local Hutsul fare to spaghetti Bolognese, were available when we visited, though food arrives microwaved to the temperature of molten lava.

  • Restaurants in Chernivtsi


    Named after the famous Ukrainian dance, this rural-themed restaurant – all sunflowers, traditional carpets and stacked wood – has a menu that high-kicks its way through Chernivtsi's multicultural history with Jewish, Ukrainian, Moldovan and Bukovinian food all making the cut. Homemade pickles, compot, made-on-premises spirits and craft beer put this place way ahead of similar spots.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Uzhhorod

    Cafe-Muzey Pid Zamkom

    Wistfully celebrating Ungvar's all-too-short decades in the lap of Czechoslovak affluence, this great pub and nostalgia museum rolled into one is packed with chipped enamel signs, radios, typewriters and other assorted interwar junk. Benches are tightly packed, the Czech-style lager flows freely, and the hand-scrawled menu is a mixed bag of Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian fare.

  • Restaurants in Chernivtsi

    Panska Huralnya

    Ask anyone in Chernivtsi where you should eat and most will recommend this 21st-century restaurant at the top end of vul Kobylyanskoyi. Don't be fooled by the faux-noble entrance and uniformed waiters, inside things get quite urban with exposed brick arches, chesterfield-style booths and industrial lighting. The menu is a well-prepared mixed bag of local and international dishes.

  • Restaurants in Mukacheve


    Mukacheve's top place for local rations is Bohrach, a rural-themed tavern just off the main square. The hearty Transcarpathian food comes heavily spiced and includes such local delicacies as brain stew and 'scars' in cream sauce (turns out to be tripe). The cosy interior is complimented in summer by a new, modern covered courtyard; some diners complain of long waits for food.

  • Restaurants in Uzhhorod

    Eat Me

    With colourful splashes of decor standing out against white walls, friendly service and liberally strewn design magazines, this is Uzhhorod's coolest place to take a break. Avoid the waffle menu and go for the sandwiches, coffee and cakes instead – the lavender-and-blackcurrant latte is our own favourite. No wi-fi – to encourage conversation (according to the staff).

  • Restaurants in Uzhhorod

    Uzhhorodsky Zamok

    Cosy, old-fashioned restaurant at the castle if you happen to finish a tour at feeding time. Polite waiters keep you supplied with hearty, meaty, spice-filled dishes as you enjoy the slightly upmarket feel of what would in some countries be a touristy rip-off.

  • Restaurants in Ivano-Frankivsk


    Vaguely reminiscent of a US diner, this spacious, handily central self-service canteen plates up delicious Ukrainian food priced per 100g. There's Lviv beer on tap and a special coffee-and-cake counter, and the staff are superfriendly.

  • Restaurants in Carpathian National Nature Park & Around


    Overhanging the river and regarded as one of the best places to eat in these parts, Sheshory's Arkan restaurant is celebrated for its authentic Hutsul cuisine and live Carpathian music.

  • Restaurants in Uzhhorod

    Cafe Mir

    This funky little oasis serves pizzas, cakes and drinks as you surf the web on chequered sofas. Tibetan prayer flags drape the interior and there's Mizhhirske beer on tap.

  • Restaurants in Chernivtsi


    Indoors this place teleports you to a kind of Ukrainian Bavaria, but summer is the best time to visit Knaus when you can sit out with a Bavarian beer in the courtyard beer garden. The menu is a mixed bag of Ukrainian staples, German pork knuckle and dumplings, and more exotic dishes such as pumpkin soup with curry.