Drinking and nightlife in The Carpathians

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Rakhiv


    Astoundingly out of character with the rest of Rakhiv, this excellent, colourful, egg-themed cellar pub has some of best food in Rakhiv and incredibly good, award-winning Carpathian craft beers including light Hoverla, blonde ale and Alpine-style rauchbier (smoked beer) as well as their own kvas. Everything on the menu is available and service is pleasant.

  • Nightlife in Ivano-Frankivsk

    Beer Club 10

    Good for a light lunch or a night on the house-brewed Klubne beer, this central European–style warren of brick cellars decorated with an assortment of international beer paraphernalia has proved so popular it's even subsumed a couple of adjacent eateries. Sit yourself down at one of the hefty wooden tables, wait for your golden ale to arrive, then choose from the thirst-inducing menu.

  • Nightlife in Uzhhorod


    Uzhhorod's top tavern is this microbrewery south of the river where large copper brewing cauldrons supply drinkers with four types of excellent beer. They also serve lots of soak-up material and guarantee a lively atmosphere in the evenings. Ask staff to show you the unusual communism museum hidden upstairs.

  • Nightlife in Ivano-Frankivsk


    Seems every post-Soviet city has a pub called ‘The Barrel’, but they’re not always as pleasant as this atmospheric little wood-and-stone faux-medieval cellar on pl Rynok. Enter through the barrel-shaped facade or take a summertime seat by the town hall for a pint or two and some cheap soak-up grub.

  • Nightlife in Chernivtsi

    Pub 34

    Keeping to a post-Soviet tradition of naming your business after its building number, this brick cellar pub-club spins cool tracks as you kick back on leather sofas and enjoy the meat-heavy meals and beer. Live music evenings and regular DJ nights.

  • Nightlife in Kolomyya


    Small central bar hang-out that manages to squeeze two cosy levels into its tiny interior as well as sporting a covered terrace in summer. Lots of Ukrainian beers, a vague sports theme and loud FM radio.

  • Nightlife in Uzhhorod

    Kaktus Kafe

    The vaguely Wild West/Aztec theme may sit incongruously with the Hutsul/Transcarpathian cuisine (try the kremzliki – fried pork with potato pancakes in mushroom sauce) but this central joint is a long-established spot for international beer on tap, and the atmosphere is welcoming.