Must-see attractions in Sweden

  • Rosenvingeskahuset

    This magnificent building dates from 1535 when it was the residence of a Danish and Norwegian noble family. It can only be viewed from the outside.

  • Köpmansmagasinet

    A renovated 19th-century warehouse east of the harbour, with local exhibitions of handicrafts and art (for sale). There's a small café inside.

  • Holmens Museum

    This small museum charts over 400 years of paper making on the site of Norrköping's first hand paper mill, which began operations in 1633.

  • Linnaeum Orangery

    This beautiful orangery, a focal point of the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, is over 200 years old.

  • Thottska Huset

    On the corner of Östergatan near Drottingtorget you'll find the city's oldest half-timbered house (1558). It's not open to the public.

  • Skånes Konstförening

    This compact gallery located 1km south of Möllevångstorget, concentrates on emerging and lesser-known, mainly Scanian, artists.

  • Båtmansstugorna

    Wander amongst picture perfect former ferrymen’s cottages from the 1740s in this little square with a cafe and a few boutiques.

  • Trelleborgs Museum

    Just east of the town centre, this museum covers a wide range of themes, including a 700-year-old settlement discovered nearby.

  • Kvarteret Knäppingsborg

    A fashionable complex of modernised warehouses that's now home to restaurants and cafes. Located in the centre of the city.

  • Kalkugnarna i Smygehamn

    This huge 19th-century kiln near ​Köpmansmagasinet gallery recalls the bygone lime industry; it smoked its last in 1954.

  • Kalmar domkyrka

    Home to a spectacular pulpit, the baroque Domkyrkan was designed by Tessin, King Karl X Gustav’s favourite architect.

  • Lojsta Träsk

    Stop off at Lojsta to see the deepest lakes in Gotland, the remains of an early medieval fortress and a fine church.

  • Domkyrka

    It’s worth peeking into the 18th-century domkyrka, a soothing space with chandeliers and votive ships.

  • Gamla Stenbron

    On the eastern river branch, find Gamla Stenbron – at 168m, it’s one of Sweden’s longest stone bridges.

  • Nybro Glasbruk

    Nybro is a small glassworks and boutique specialising in quirky items (think Elvis Presley glass platters).

  • Tivoliparken

    Riverside Tivoliparken is perfect for a summertime evening stroll or a waffle or two at a waterside cafe.

  • Strömstads Museum

    Housed in an old power station, this museum displays local photography and objects from nautical history.

  • Norre Port

    A fragment of the now demolished town walls built by Christian IV still stands at the end of Storgatan.

  • St Gertruds Kyrka

    St Gertruds Kyrka dates from 1433 and has taken lightning strikes and riots in its stride.

  • Långe Jan

    Scandinavia's tallest lighthouse is a proud sentinal at the island's southernmost point.