Must-see entertainment in Spain

  • Fundación Juan March


    Dedicated to promoting music and culture (as well as exhibitions), the Juan March Foundation stages free concerts throughout the year. Performances range…

  • Peña El Morato


    Scooped out of a cave on the edge of town, this bar-club is about as authentic as it gets, flamenco-wise. Slip in for a performance – live shows are…

  • Taboó

    Malasaña & Conde Duque

    With everything from pop to hard-core punk and a whole lot of house music in between, Taboó likes to keep its options open. Spend as little time as…

  • Blue Note

    Playa Blanca

    In a lovely spot at the southern end of Marina Rubicón, overlooking the yachts, this blue-and-white-decked jazz bar and international restaurant (tapas €4…

  • Teatre Talia


    This attractive, medium-sized central theatre dates from the 1920s and has a varied program of comedy, cabaret and drama. The ticket office is open 6pm to…

  • Blackbird Rock Bar


    The jury's still out on this relative newcomer to the Madrid live music scene (it took over the premises after the jazz venue Populart closed its doors)…

  • Auditorio de Teror

    Gran Canaria

    Its incongruous modern aesthetics aside, this auditorium has admirably provided historical Teror with a welcome cultural venue, staging live-music shows,…

  • Jazz Filloa

    A Coruña

    This cosy little jazz and blues bar has been serving up live music for three decades and has two or three live gigs most weeks, usually around 10pm on…

  • Borriquita de Belém

    Santiago de Compostela

    The tightly packed 'Little Donkey of Bethlehem' serves mojitos, gin and tonics, and wine from the barrel. Live or DJ-spun blues, reggae, jazz or flamenco…

  • Teatros del Canal


    A state-of-the-art theatre complex, Teatros del Canal hosts major theatre performances, as well as musical and dance concerts. It's also a popular…

  • Cines Babel


    Multiscreen Babel shows exclusively undubbed films and runs a pleasant cafe. Admission prices are lower midweek, with Wednesday being substantially…

  • Teatro Guimerá

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    This fabulous art-deco theatre is a popular venue for highbrow entertainment, whether music or theatre. Sink a pre-dinner libation at the nearby Bar…

  • Café Málaga


    This bright, modern pub-like bar, half-open to the street, has live music a few times a week including popular Thursday jazz nights starting at 9.30pm.

  • Casino Las Palmas

    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    If you feel like a flutter, don the glad rags, grab your passport and head for the casino in the northern part of the city, near Parque Santa Catalina.

  • Estadi RCD Espanyol


    Espanyol, based at the 40,500-seat Estadi RCD Espanyol, traditionally plays second fiddle to Barça, although it does so with considerable passion.

  • Palau Sant Jordi


    Built for the 1992 Olympics, this huge indoor arena hosts big-name concerts (Adele, Coldplay, Lady Gaga), as well as championship sports events.

  • Teatro Pavón

    La Latina & Lavapiés

    The home of the National Classical Theatre Company, this theatre has a regular calendar of classical shows by Spanish and European playwrights.

  • Groove Bar


    This live music venue has a glint in its eye, and live acts ranging from funk and rock to soul and pop. Check the Facebook page for events.

  • Teatre Victòria


    Rather nondescript looking from the street, this modern theatre stages musicals (usually in Catalan), flamenco and contemporary dance.

  • Miudiño


    This Irish-pub-like bar stages occasional live gigs as well as popular Wednesday DJ nights starting at 11pm with free admission.

  • Cines Princesa


    Screens all kinds of original-version films, from Hollywood blockbusters to arty flicks, with (unusually) subtitles in Spanish.

  • Teatro Circo Price

    La Latina & Lavapiés

    Just south of Lavapiés, this modern theatre does a little bit of everything from concerts and circuses to dance performances.

  • Méliès Cinemes


    A cosy cinema with two screens, the Méliès specialises in classic films and independent releases from around the world.

  • La Iguana Club


    A great venue for live rock and related genres for over quarter of a century, with two or three gigs most weeks.

  • Sala Russafa


    Established relatively recently, this Russafa theatre holds plays, dance and movement, often aimed at families.

  • Aragó Cinema


    Reopened by a cooperative, this classic cinema puts on original-version art-house films at excellent prices.

  • Teatre Micalet

    Western Valencia

    There's a wide cultural offering here, from folk music to cutting-edge theatre, mostly in Valenciano.

  • Teatre Municipal

    Palma de Mallorca

    Here you might see anything from contemporary dance to drama. The telephone line is open 9am to 2pm.

  • Cinesa Capitol


    One of the stalwarts of the Madrid cinema scene where you can expect Hollywood more than art house.

  • Gran Teatro de Córdoba


    This central theatre hosts an admirable programme of theatre and very varied music and dance.

  • Cine Doré

    La Latina & Lavapiés

    The National Film Library offers fantastic classic and vanguard films for bargain prices.

  • Renoir Floridablanca


    With seven screens, this cinema shows a mix of quality art-house flicks and blockbusters.

  • Dunes & Tunes


    A long-running place with Irish music and Guinness on tap.

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