Must-see attractions in Eastern Slovakia

  • Historic Town Hall

    The showpiece of Levoča's main square is the 15th-century town hall, which received a flamboyant 19th-century makeover.

  • Kunsthalle

    Like the steely, brutalist gallery building itself (a former swimming pool), the rotating contemporary art exhibitions at the Kunsthalle are matter of…

  • Old City Walls

    Follow Na hradbách, which branches from the main square's northeastern corner, to take a stroll around Bardejov’s old city walls. Ruins include the lower…

  • New Evangelical Church

    The red-and-green, pseudo-Moorish New Evangelical Church, completed in 1894, dominates the south end of town.

  • Elizabeth's Room

    Inside the Hotel Elizabeth, a baroque-dressed room offers a glimpse of the style that would have greeted Austrian Empress Sisi, who came to this spa town…

  • Tokaj Observation Tower

    Shaped like a wine barrel, this lookout tower is a good vantage point to admire Tokaj's verdant wine country (and perhaps point out distant wineries).

  • Sándor Márai Memorial Room

    The city's greatest literary giant is Sándor Márai, who was born in Košice (then Kassa, part of the Kingdom of Hungary). Peep at the ornate balcony of the…

  • Shire Hall

    One of the main square's grandest buildings is this 1779 hall crowned with a coat of arms; today it's home to the East Slovak Gallery.