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$359.58 Private & Custom Tours

Private Half Day Tour to Gatchina and the Gatchina Palace from St Petersburg

Enjoy a tour to Gatchina - small town, located in 50 kilometers from St. Petersburg. In 1783 Catherine II bought Gatchina Farmstead for Duke Paul Petrovich the future Emperor Paul I, now the Gatchina Palace.  The Palace and Park ensemble of Gatchina was formed in the 18th and 19th century in the picturesque area of White, Black and Silver Lake.The history of the Gatchina Palace consists of three periods. The first period is when in 1766 - 81 year A. Rinaldi began construction of the Palace for the favourite of Catherine II, Earl Orlov. The Palace consisted of a main building with three floors, galleries and office buildings. The Palace was designed in the style of early classicism. However, in the appearance of the Palace you can highlight the features of a medieval English Castle from ten faceted towers and the underground passage leading to the lake. In finishing the architect had used one of the varieties of Gatchina limestone, which is characterized by its richness of colour shades.

$156 Private & Custom Tours

Tsarskoye Selo with Amber Workshop and Gatchina

This full-day tour is created for those travelers who want to get more thorough information about the splendid suburbs of St. Petersburg. With your qualified guide you will visit Tsarskoye Selo and its famous Catherine Palace and Park, have an excursion in wonderful Amber Workshop and afterwards visit unique Feodorovsky cathedral. Then you will travel to another former royal residence Gatchina and visit its beautiful Palace and Park.Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) It remained a summer residence of the Russian monarchs during almost two centuries and is also known as "the town of muses", because in different periods it was a refuge for the great Russian writers A. S. Pushkin, M. Y. Lermontov, S. A. Esenin. You will walk along the paths of Catherine Park, on the territory of which more than 100 different sculptures, pavilions, bridges, monuments and other constructions are situated. And of course, you will have a Catherine Palace tour, admire its interiors and visit the famous Amber Room. Feodorovsky cathedral This original cathedral was built in the beginning of XX century in the tradition of old Russian architecture. It houses its main relic – a copy of an ancient miraculous icon of Feodorovskaya Mother of God, behind which the first Russian tzar from Romanov dynasty prayed before his ascension to the throne.Amber workshop Amber Workshop was founded in 1979 and became world-famous due to the reconstruction works of the Amber Room for the Catherine Palace which were held there. Highly-professional craftsmen also restored a huge number of items for St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Moscow Kremlin Museum, Amber Museum in Denmark and many other museums and private collections. Now Amber Workshop has opened its doors for guests. During our interesting excursion you will learn a lot about amber as well as restoration process and its secrets. Gatchina Thereafter you will travel to one of the most interesting suburbs – Gatchina, which became the royal residence due to Emperor Paul I. As well as a few centuries ago, the central place in the museum-reserve "Gatchina" takes the Big Gatchina palace. Its architecture resembles a medieval castle and always fascinates the visitors. Interiors of the Palace distinguish by the intensive use of gilding, molding, intricate ornaments, tapestries and draperies. Gatchina is also famous for its gardens, which consist of the Dutch Lower and Upper Gardens and odorous Linden garden. Gatchinsky Park is also famous with its labyrinths - water and forest.Your guide and a driver on a vehicle will meet you in the hotel and after the tour you will be taken to your hotel back or to another place in St. Petersburg boundaries you prefer. During the tour you will have enough time for lunch. The guide will recomend you good restaurants and cafes on the way or we can make a preliminary reservation at your wish. 

$9 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Gatchina Palace and Park Admission Ticket

Visit: Gatchina Palace and Park, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictBuilt in 1766-1781 in Gatchina by Antonio Rinaldi for the favorite of Catherine II count Grigory Grigorievich Orlov. Located on a hill above Silver lake, the Palace combines the themes of a medieval castle and a country residence. The interiors of the Palace are an example of Russian classicism of the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries. The Palace was one of the favorite places of rest of the Royal family.Gatchina and Priory palaces are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.The museum is closed on Mondays and the 1st Tuesday of each month.The Gatchina Palace and park is one of Russia’s outstanding locations and just one of many stunning Palaces in St Petersburg