Must-see shopping in Russia

  • Chakona

    Volga Region

    Come here for books (mostly Russian) and maps; it’s located on the 3rd floor.

  • Bookvoyed


    Well-stocked bookstore with the best selection of regional maps.

  • Russky Lyon

    St Petersburg

    Branch of the good-quality Russian linen store.

  • Chitay Gorod


    A big bookshop with a good range of maps.

  • Dom Knigi


    Come here for maps and books in Russian.

  • Fountain and stairs in Okhotny Ryad shopping centre.

    Okhotny Ryad


    The best part of this underground mall is the fanciful troika fountain that splashes the shoppers as they enter and exit from Alexander Garden. Aside from…

  • Souvenir Shops


    The souvenir shops around the start of the bridge sell all manner of interesting items, from Altai honey (R100 a small jar), Altai pop and traditional…

  • Ulitsa Kalashnaya

    Golden Ring

    If you're after Russian souvenirs, take a look at the trading rows on Torgovaya pl as well as ul Kalashnaya, a tiny street stemming off it that's been…

  • Knizhnaya Lavka Pisatelei

    St Petersburg

    Apart from selling mainly Russian books, this long-established business also has posters, prints and reproductions of antique maps.

  • Shopping Centre

    Golden Ring

    This large complex on the main street has a tiny food court and a coffee shop with free wi-fi on the top floor.

  • Books & Booklets


    A big selection of (mainly Russian) books, cards, magazines and some maps.

  • Zadneprovsky Market

    Western European Russia

    Pick up fresh food and ogle the bustle at Smolensk’s main market.

  • Viktoriya


    A centrally located, well-stocked supermarket.

  • Dom Knigy

    Russian Caucasus

    This store has a selection of Caucasus maps.

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