Must-see shopping in Russia

  • Prodalit


    This large bookstore on the 2nd floor of a small shopping centre sells regional and city maps, Baikal- and Irkutsk-themed coffee-table books and Lonely…

  • Na Torgu

    Veliky Novgorod

    Small store selling Novgorod’s best selection of local arts and craft souvenirs, including woolen hats, jewellery and matryoshki. It has an art gallery…

  • Vinissimo


    Loads of high-end imported wines, but also a decent selection of better domestic vodkas and delicious, good-value cognacs produced all around the former…

  • Karibu


    Tiny shop selling beautifully furry unty (traditional deerskin cowboy boots) made on-site and typically costing around R10,000. Some English spoken.

  • Vologdskie Suveniry

    Northern European Russia

    Vologodskie Suveniry sells classic kruzhevo (Vologda lace), colourful lacquerware, painted wooden trays and delicately carved birch wood items.

  • Dom Suvenirov

    Northern European Russia

    Well-stocked gift shop selling locally produced, high-quality linen clothing, nesting dolls, clay whistles, lace parasols and much more.

  • 7 Summits Club

    Russian Caucasus

    Just after the turn-off to Cheget on the way to Terskol, this well-stocked shop rents all manner of mountaineering and hiking gear.

  • Dom Knigi

    Northern European Russia

    Dom Knigi sells some regional and detailed city maps, including a useful double street map (R150) that also covers Veliky Ustyug.

  • Grinvich


    This enormous shopping complex near the ul Vaynera pedestrian zone is an oasis away from the traffic.

  • Tainy Remesla


    This is the best souvenir shop in town, located in the old House of Pioneers building.

  • Gzhel Porcelain


    Gzhel porcelain, with its signature white-and-blue folkloric decor, is sold here.

  • Dom Knigi

    Northern European Russia

    Stocks good city and regional maps plus a few guidebooks.

  • Vladimir's Cathedral Gallery

    Golden Ring

    An art-and-crafts gallery at the back of this 18th-century church features paintings and photographs by local artists – everything from stunning…

  • RotFront


    You know you're in an ex-Soviet country when a candy factory is named after a phrase German socialist workers greeted each other with in the 1920s. The…

  • Artefact Gallery Centre

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Near the Russian Academy of Arts, the Artefact Gallery Centre is a sort of art mall, housing a few dozen galleries under one roof. Look for paintings,…

  • Wagner

    St Petersburg

    It’s rather generous to call this basement gem an antiques shop – much of the stock is more garage-sale worthy, but there are still some very cool bits…

  • Teapot Museum

    Golden Ring

    You'd have to be a teapot fanatic to find this tiny museum worth the admission price, but for free you can browse the gift shop, full of beautiful tea…

  • Kuznechny Market

    St Petersburg

    The colours and atmosphere of the city’s largest fruit-and-vegetable market are a wonderful experience: the vendors will ply you with free samples of…

  • Smolenskaya Izba

    Western European Russia

    Not only does this great little place sell souvenirs and craftwork, the likes of which you won't find elsewhere, but it allows visitors to have a go at…

  • Kosher Shop

    St Petersburg

    Serving St Petersburg’s Jewish community, the Kosher Shop is conveniently located next to the Grand Choral Synagogue. Although its emphasis is on hard-to…

  • Old Cottager

    Golden Ring

    You may not have room in your suitcase for one of the old samovars or record players on display at this antiques store on the embankment, but there are…

  • Sennoy Market

    St Petersburg

    Cheaper and less atmospheric than Kuznechny Market, Sennoy Market is also centrally located. You’ll find fruit and vegies, as well as freshly caught fish…

  • Chapurin Boutique

    Arbat & Khamovniki

    Fashion maven Igor Chapurin got his start designing theatre costumes, but his creativity knows no bounds: in addition to men’s and women’s clothing, he…

  • Russian Amber


    The smallest of several amber sellers along the riverfront promenade in Fish Village. In addition to the usual amber necklaces, brooches and pins it also…

  • Clover City Centre


    Certainly not as upscale as the Europe shopping centre across the square, the Clover nevertheless has some very good restaurants, some useful shops, and…

  • Shever


    Souvenir and craft shop selling top-quality handmade items such as small pieces of sculpture made from a soft stone called agalmatolite, silver jewellery…

  • Auchan

    St Petersburg

    If you can’t find something anywhere else in the city, then head for this conveniently located hypermarket, just a short walk from Obvodny Kanal metro…

  • Forum


    Nothing more than a junk shop, really, though it has a good selection of cheap souvenirs, like pens and key chains, as well as some interesting mugs…

  • Russky Lyon

    St Petersburg

    Russia has a long tradition of producing fine grade linen; this small chain of shops with five branches around the city sells quality tableware and…

  • Nevsky 152

    St Petersburg

    This is a one-stop 'concept store' for big-name international fashion brands in St Petersburg, as the well-dressed doorman will make abundantly clear…

  • Model Shop

    St Petersburg

    Inside the Artillery Museum (though you don’t need to pay for entry to get access to the shop), this is a must for model plane, train and automobile fans…

  • Aura


    This giant, hypermodern shopping centre has more than 200 shops of international brands, as well as a huge supermarket, a bowling alley, rollerskating…

  • Central Market

    Golden Ring

    Located inside the western half of the city's sprawling 19th-century Italianate trading arcades is this bustling market for local meats, dairy products,…

  • Lyubov & Albert Vatoneny

    Kola Peninsula

    Intricate dolls, leatherwork, silver and bone jewellery. Can be contacted through the Sami History & Culture Museum or by telephone.

  • Mir Espresso

    St Petersburg

    Come for the aroma and stay for the amazing coffee from all over the world. There are espresso machines and every type of coffee-maker and caffeine…

  • Bat Norton

    St Petersburg

    This local streetwear brand has the tagline 'made in Russia' and its bright, psychedelic and playful unisex clothing is popular with a cool, younger crowd.

  • Dzerzhinskogo Market


    This market sprawls for a full block south of ul Kartashova, providing photo-ops as well as fuel in the form of local fruits and nuts.

  • Theatre of Gifts


    Everything you might think of in terms of gifts, including toys for the kids, cards and posters, candles and diaries.

  • Book Look


    Has the best selection of maps in town, including maps of all Western Siberia oblasti (regions).

  • Dirizhabl

    Nizhny Novgorod

    A good selection of maps and local guidebooks, and some books in foreign languages.

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