Must-see shopping in Golden Ring

  • Art Polka

    Golden Ring

    'Polka' means 'shelf' in Russian, and every shelf here contains handmade wares from a different local artist – it's like a miniature craft fair. You'll…

  • Dom Remyosel

    Golden Ring

    This little crafts shop tucked away down a side street is perfect for browsing through gifts and souvenirs, handmade by local artists in a variety of…

  • Maria Frolova


    The affable Maria learned the rare and delicate traditional art of filigree embroidery from her grandmother. She often sells her beautiful wares –…

  • Gorod Masterov

    Sergiev Posad

    Forget the carbon-copy matryoshki you see at tourist stalls everywhere – 'City of Craftsmen' sells beautiful hand-painted nesting dolls that are several…

  • Dymov Ceramics


    If you're after souvenirs a level up from the Russo-kitsch found everywhere else, check out these lovely handmade ceramic creations: mugs, tiles, vases,…

  • Vladimir's Cathedral Gallery

    Golden Ring

    An art-and-crafts gallery at the back of this 18th-century church features paintings and photographs by local artists – everything from stunning…

  • Teapot Museum

    Golden Ring

    You'd have to be a teapot fanatic to find this tiny museum worth the admission price, but for free you can browse the gift shop, full of beautiful tea…

  • Old Cottager

    Golden Ring

    You may not have room in your suitcase for one of the old samovars or record players on display at this antiques store on the embankment, but there are…

  • Aura


    This giant, hypermodern shopping centre has more than 200 shops of international brands, as well as a huge supermarket, a bowling alley, rollerskating…

  • Central Market

    Golden Ring

    Located inside the western half of the city's sprawling 19th-century Italianate trading arcades is this bustling market for local meats, dairy products,…

  • Ulitsa Kalashnaya

    Golden Ring

    If you're after Russian souvenirs, take a look at the trading rows on Torgovaya pl as well as ul Kalashnaya, a tiny street stemming off it that's been…

  • Shopping Centre

    Golden Ring

    This large complex on the main street has a tiny food court and a coffee shop with free wi-fi on the top floor.