Must-see attractions in Russia

  • Lenin & Gorky Statue

    Western Siberia

    An apparently coal-caked Lenin and Maxim Gorky (founder of socialist realism) discuss – or plot? – something or other, next to the main post office at pr…

  • Old City Wall

    Golden Ring

    This grassy hill just south of the Golden Gate is all that remains of the original city walls that once enclosed medieval Vladimir.

  • Arkhiereysky Mansion

    Western Siberia

    The elegant Arkhiereysky Mansion was closed for renovations on our last visit and will eventually be reopened as an Orthodox history museum.

  • Spartak Stadium

    Western European Russia

    The Korolevsky Bastion overlooks the Spartak Stadium, which is just outside the fortress walls.

  • Vaganova School of Choreography

    St Petersburg

    The Mariinsky Ballet’s training school, where Pavlova, Nijinsky, Nureyev and others learned their art. It's not open to the public.

  • Central Market

    Black Sea Coast

    The central market is a hive of activity, packed with shops, kiosks and produce sellers. It's also the site of Adler's main bus stop.

  • St Hripsime Armenian Church


    The Kryusha Quarter is the location of beautifully restored, red-brick St Hripsime Armenian Church, which opened its doors in 1998.

  • Red Mosque


    This modest mosque, dating from 1904, was used as a vodka factory by the atheist Soviets, but was reopened to worshippers in 1997.

  • Urals Mineralogical Museum


    A private collection offering a stunning introduction to the region’s semiprecious stones, located in the Bolshoy Ural Hotel.

  • Khazret Osman Mosque


    When the call to prayer sounds from the wooden Khazret Osman Mosque, you'll feel every bit like you're in Central Asia.

  • Pyotr Beketov Monument


    This rather brash gold-plated pillar in the old town honours Cossack explorer and founder of Yakutsk, Pyotr Beketov.

  • Honey Bridge


    This short footbridge connects Kant Island to the Fish Village. It's said to be the oldest bridge in Kaliningrad.

  • Former Stock Exchange


    This fine Renaissance-style building was built in the 1870s; it now houses a disco and various community clubs.

  • Lenin Statue

    Sakhalin Island

    This looming statue of the revolutionary leader still stands in pride of place in front of the train station.

  • Lenin Statue

    Northern European Russia

    Where pr Pobedy and ul Mira meet is a Lenin statue in an odd ‘Hey buddy, wanna buy a watch?’ pose.

  • Church of the Ascension

    Western European Russia

    Situated at the corner of ul Sovetskaya and pr Tverskoy is this pretty church built in 1624.

  • Saviour’s Church

    Western Siberia

    Saviour’s Church is pretty enough, but unfortunately it's hardly in a peaceful location.

  • Lenin Statue


    Vlad Ilych still stands on Yakutsk's main square doing a particularly directional pose.

  • Karl Marx Statue


    Since 1961, Karl Marx has occupied this prominent position on pl Revolyutsii.

  • Supreme Soviet


    Next to the Senate is the 1930s Supreme Soviet building.

  • Mosque

    Western Siberia

    The city's small Muslim population pray at this mosque.

  • Water Tower

    Western Siberia

    Prominently located in front of the kremlin.

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