Must-see attractions in Russia

  • Drama Theatre

    Western Siberia

    The ornate Drama Theatre was built in the early 20th century and is one of Omsk's most attractive buildings.

  • Transfiguration Cathedral

    Around St Petersburg

    This attractive cathedral frames one side of Tikhvin’s central square, where Lenin’s statue still stands.

  • Korolevsky Bastion

    Western European Russia

    By the western fortress walls, this high earth rampart was built by the Poles who captured Smolensk in 1611.

  • Museum of the Northwest Front

    Western European Russia

    Ardent historians may want to check out this small but intensive museum dedicated to the local WWII effort.

  • Three Graces Pavilion

    Around St Petersburg

    Late 18th-century sculpture purchased by Alexander I and given as a present to his mother Maria Fyodorovna.

  • Planetarium

    St Petersburg

    A crowdpleaser with the under-12 crowd, the planetarium has shows that explore the wonders of outer space.

  • Prospekt Lenina 56


    This lovely old house marks the start of a street that's home to a number of attractive wooden buildings.

  • Onezhskiy Tractor Factory

    Northern European Russia

    One of the oldest factories in Russia, this strikingly grand building first opened for business in 1703.

  • Ioann Zlatoust Church


    The Kryusha Quarter is the location of the beautifully restored Ioann Zlatoust church, dating from 1763.

  • WWII Mosaic

    Russian Far East

    An impressive mosaic devoted to the memory of the Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War.

  • Zachary & Elisabeth Church

    Western Siberia

    The 1759 Zachary & Elisabeth Church, with its soaring black-tipped spires, is extremely photogenic.

  • Concert Hall

    Around St Petersburg

    On an island in the middle of a large pond, this concert hall is used for various musical performances.

  • Peter & Paul Church

    Eastern Siberia

    In 1898 Lenin was married in Shushenskoe’s Peter & Paul Church, much to his later embarrassment.

  • Venus Pavilion

    Around St Petersburg

    Down on the lake, the Venus Pavilion juts out into the water and has an elaborately painted interior.

  • Metallurgists’ Garden

    Western Siberia

    This pleasant garden is guarded by two splendidly reverential statues of Soviet-era metalworkers.

  • Sundial

    Kaliningrad Region

    On the promenade, this impressive sundial is decorated with an eye-catching mosaic of the zodiac.

  • Ural Geological Museum


    Over 500 minerals from the Ural Mountains region and a collection of meteorites can be seen here.

  • Fine Arts Museum

    Western Siberia

    An offshoot of the Fine Arts Museum, this building is home to changing temporary exhibitions.

  • Orthodox Academy

    St Petersburg

    Training centre for Russia's future spiritual leaders. It's generally closed to the public.

  • Lermontov & Yerrmelov Baths

    Mineral Water Spas

    The baths were built in 1831 and 1810, respectively. The latter is now a treatment centre.

  • Krasny Most

    St Petersburg

    This cast-iron bridge crossing the Moika River is painted red, hence its name in Russian.

  • Lenin the Toreador


    This unique Lenin monument sees the revolutionary apparently dressed up as a bullfighter.

  • Jubilee Footbridge


    This pretty footbridge dates from 2005 and connects Fish Village to southern Kaliningrad.

  • Assumption Church


    This blue-domed church frequently bustles with activity and is well-worth checking out.

  • Beach

    Russian Far East

    Just east of the river terminal is a beach, which is well attended on warm summer days.

  • Firehouse

    Northern European Russia

    Attractive wooden relic of bygone years. Can only be viewed from the outside, however.

  • Former Trading Arches


    The former trading arches sit just west of the Soviet-built Tomsk Drama Theatre.

  • Pokrovsky Cathedral

    Around St Petersburg

    This red-brick building with bright blue domes is an important Gatchina church.

  • Per Kononova 2


    This is where the doomed communist mastermind Sergei Kirov lodged in 1905.

  • Museum


    This is a small museum of local history inside the Vyborg castle complex.

  • City Theatre


    Grand, renovated 1916 theatre with concerts and theatrical performances.

  • Peacock House


    The fan-gabled Peacock House (early 20th century) is a classic landmark.

  • Maraunenhof


    One of Kaliningrad's most charming neighbourhoods in the city's north.

  • Water Tower


    The old water tower here is one of the city’s oldest structures.

  • Peter & Paul Church

    Western Siberia

    Pretty green-and-white church set in a small patch of parkland.

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