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$106.75 Private & Custom Tours

Sighisoara and Sibiu Old Town from Pitesti Private Tour by Car

At 8 AM, our friendly tourist guide will be at your hotel in order to pick you up. Around 12:00 we will be in Sighisoara. Sighisoara is the best well preserved medieval town from Romania! The Clock Tower, the house where Dracula (Vlad the Impales) was born and the Covered Stairs are just few things really worth to visit in Sighisoara.We will stay at Sighisoara as much as you want, in order to visit everything until in the evening. Then we will go to Sibiu, where we will have a walk in the old town of the city. In the evening we ill ride you back at your hotel from Pitesti.

$251.18 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Sibiu or Sighisoara-Both in a single private tour from Bucharest

Transylvania-its name derives from a Latin expression meaning the land beyond the forest-is a unique place,home to nearly two hundred villages with fortified churches,built by German craftsmen and merchants known as Saxons,between the 13th and 15th centuries.Having to withstand constant invaders,the villages were fortified with defense walls,having the capacity to shelter a large number of people.Seven of these fortified churches were designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.1st Day: Wallachia:Bucharest,Ploiesti,Sinaia Monasyery and Peles Royal Castle.Transylvania:Sighisoara-Vlad Dracul' House,The Clock Tower,The Church on the Hill;Medias,Sibiu-Brukenthal Museum;The Olt River Valley,Cozia Monastery,Pitesti,Bucharest.The name of The Black Church in Brasov is related to the great fire wich destroyed most of the city in 1689,blackening the walls of the church initially named Marienkirche.The Black Church is the largest gothic church between Vienna and Instanbul.

$228.35 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Discovering Romania 2 days Private Tour from Bucharest

Day 1: Depart at 8 o'clock from Bucharest. Visits to the Princely Court and Church of Vlad Tepes in Targoviste, Curtea de Arges Monastery, Corbii de Piatra (Stone Ravens) Monastery, Pitesti, Ramnicu Valcea. Arrival and accomodation at Ranca (10 hours).Day 2: Depart at 9 o'clock from Ranca. Visits to Constantin Brancusi World War I monuments in Targu Jiu, Brancusi Memorial House in Hobita, Scornicesti – the ex-communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu’s birth village, arrival in Bucharest. (9 hours).Vlad Tepes in Victor Hugo’s “Légende des Siècles”Romanians have a great deal of respect for Prince Vlad Tepes – The Impaler (known in Western Europe as Count Dracula), for he was a great ruler and a fearless fighter against the Ottoman threat. Vlad Tepes was famous for his cruelty against the Ottomans, and for his keen sense of justice. He is remembered as the ruler in whose time one wasn’t afraid of being robbed in the street, considering that the Middle Age was a dangerous era for travelers. According to Romanian chronicles, during Vlad Tepes’ reign, thieves were impaled to on stakes if they were caught. Thus, according to a Romanian legend, one golden cup was left at the fountain at Targoviste Princely Court for the thirsty travelers to drink; no one dared to take it away. The cup disappeared several years later, after Vlad Tepes’ death.In his “Légende des Siècles”, Victor Hugo describes how Vlad Tepes won the battle against Sultan Mahomed ‘s army , who came to conquer Wallachia. On their way to Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia, the Ottomans were shocked by the view of burning houses and fields. Furthermore, the water in the fountains was poisoned and no food could be found. When they arrived near Targoviste, a grotesque image unfolded in front of them: twenty thousand dead Ottoman prisoners were impaled on stakes , in the field surrounding the fortress. Scared and horrified by the cruelty of the Romanian Prince, the Ottoman officers decided to retreat and let Vlad Tepes win the battle, that did not even take place. 

$85.06 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour from Pitesti to Dracula's Castle plus Peles Castle plus Rasnov Fortress and Valea Cetatii Cave

We will start our trip from Pitesti at 09:00 in the morning. At 08:50, our team (the guide and the driver), will be at your hotel to pick you up. Our first stop will be at Sinaia Village, where we will visit Peles Castle. After that we will go at Bran Village, to visit Dracula's Castle. We will have also a launch break here, at a traditional local cuisine restaurant (vegetable dishes are also available). Our last stop will be in Rasnov, where we will visit Rasnov Fortress and Valea Cetatii Cave. In the evening we will be back in Pitesti. Hotel drop-off is also included in the price.At each sight we will spent enough time to visit also the surroundings. Our guide will tell you how much time is recommended to spent but the final decision will be yours - you decide how much time to spent at each sight.Peles Castle (Sinaia Castle) - The Royal Family's Castle; one of the most beautiful castles from Europe (entrance fee: RON 20, around €4.5)Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle) - The most legendary castle from all around the world (entrance fee: RON 35, around €7.5)Rasnov Fortress - The best well preserved medieval stronghold from Romania (entrance fee: RON 17, around €3.5)Valea Cetatii Cave - Here in Romania we have more than 12.500 caves, but this is definitely the best one for tourists! (entrance fee: RON 15, around €3.5)

$72.50 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour from Pitesti to Vlad the Impaler's Citadel plus Vidraru Dam and Curtea de Arges Monastery

At 9 AM you will be picked up from your hotel from Pitesti. Our first stop will be at Curtea de Arges Monastery. After that we will go at Poienari Village, where the ruins of Vlad the Impaler's Castle is. After visiting, we will go at Vidraru, where we will have also a lunch break, at a traditional local cuisine restaurant (vegetable dishes are also available). In the evening we will ride you back at your hotel.At each sight we will spent enough time to visit also the surroundings. Our guide will tell you how much time is recommended to spent but the final decision will be yours - you decide how much time to spent at each sight.Curtea de Arges Monastery - Maybe is the only one monastery from Romania which is more about the legends than religion. The legend of the pregnant women trapped inside the walls and the death of master Manole who tried to fly with wooden wings are probably the most known legends about this monastery. Find out the other legends about this place and the tombs of the greatest kings of Romania (which are inside the monastery), such as Carol I, the founder of Sinaia Castle.The Ruins of Poienari Citadel or The Ruins of Vlad the Impaler's Citadel - (Vlad the Impaler - the medieval Romanian ruler whose image is associated with Count Dracula). Be aware: From the bottom of the hill to up where the ruins are, you have to step more than 1.400 medieval stairs. Is not hard, really! We need like 30 minutes for all of them. But even so, we do not recommend this tour for pregnant women or for those with medical problems.Vidraru Dam - Situated in one of the most beautiful and wild areas from Carpathian Mountains, Vidraru Dam is the highest one from Romania and one of the highest from Europe!

$85.63 Private & Custom Tours

The Legend of Golden Prince, Private Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Palatul Brancovenesc, Potlogi, Dambovita County, Southern Romania- visit the Potlogi Palace and learn about Prince Brancoveanu life-style; He was one of the richest in Europe;- discover the "treasure room", deeply hidden inside palace's walls;- see how the food was prepared in a separate kitchen, for the large parties the prince used to host at the palace;Duration: 1 hourStop At: Muzeul Viticulturii si Pomiculturii Golesti, Stefanesti, Arges County, Southern Romania- take a tour of the impressive manor;- discover the history of an influential Valachian noble family - Golescu;- enjoy a 30min carriage ride through the beautiful opened-air village museum (if weather allows);Duration: 2 hours