Wigry National Park

National Park in Augustów-Suwałki Region

On the northern edge of Augustów Forest, Wigry National Park is home to a Podlasie highlight: Lake Wigry. At 21 sq km, the lake is the largest in the region and one of the deepest, reaching 73m at its greatest depth. Its shoreline is richly filigreed, forming numerous bays and peninsulas, and there are over a dozen islands on the lake. The national park's dense forest and many smaller lakes make it popular among for kayakers, cyclists and hikers.

A park highlight is the Camaldolese Monastery, which has a commanding position on the lake. The Czarna Hańcza River flows through the park, connecting with the Augustów Canal further downstream.

Access is easiest from the Suwałki–Sejny road, which crosses the northern part of the park. The park headquarters are on this road in Krzywe, which is 5km from Suwałki. If you have limited time, there is an excellent looping nature trail which begins at the office.

There are more ambitious marked trails throughout the park, leading to some truly remote corners. The Wigierski Park Narodowy map (available at the park headquarters for 10zł) shows all the necessary detail.