Must-see shopping in Asunción

  • Mercado Cuatro

    Mercado Cuatro is a lively trading lot occupying the wedge formed by the intersection of Avs Francia and Pettirossi and stretching over several blocks. It…

  • Paseo La Galería

    Paraguayan malls are more than just shopping centers, and shopping in them is seen as a status symbol. This is Asunción’s newest and glitziest mall.

  • Shopping del Sol

    Shopping del Sol is one of Asunción's biggest and most established malls.

  • Open-Air Market

    Stocked with ao po'i or lienzo (loose-weave cotton) garments and other indigenous crafts, it expands considerably on weekends.

  • Folklore

    A good bet for quality Paraguayan handicrafts, though not cheap.