Must see shopping in Lagos

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    Jazz Hole

    An offspring of the great Glendora Books, Jazz Hole is primarily a book and record store. In this oasis of calm in the mile-a-minute city, sip tea in the…

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    Out in the gated Parkview estate, Quintessence sells artworks and crafts, with an especially good selection of clothes and some antique carvings and…

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    Jankara Market

    Jankara Market is the largest market in Lagos and sells everything from tie-dyed cloth, trade beads and jewellery to pirate cassettes, pottery and…

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    Eko Hotel Gatehouse

    There are some good crafts on offer including carvings, calabashes and some unfortunate animals' skins.

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    Balogun Market

    The rambling maze of Balogun Market is excellent for clothes and fabric from across West Africa.