Must-see attractions in Estelí

  • Galería de Héroes y Mártires


    Be sure to stop by this moving gallery devoted to fallen revolutionaries, with displays of faded photos, clothes and weaponry. Check out the exhibit (with…

  • Murals


    You'll still see some murals around the streets of Estelí, and although many of the original revolutionary pieces have been lost to development, there are…

  • Catedral


    The 1823 cathedral has a wonderful facade and is worth a wander. A number of interesting murals can be seen in the surrounding blocks, although most of…

  • Museo de Historia y Arqueología


    In a large, concrete, faux-indigenous pyramid on the north side of town, Estelí's museum has a small but interesting collection of pottery and petroglyphs…

  • Casa de Cultura Leonel Rugama


    In the bullet-hole-marked former home of a high-ranking Somoza official, the Casa de Cultura offers a range of art, dance and music classes to locals …

  • Alcadía


    A local reference point, the city hall sits across the park from the cathedral.

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