There’s a #Refillution taking Southeast Asia by storm, thanks to the new RefillMyBottle app. Released earlier this year, the app for Android and iOS identifies more than 900 water refill stations in over 10 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea.

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There's a 'Refillution' sweeping Southeast Asia. Photo courtesy of

The idea for the app originated in Bali, Indonesia, the world’s second largest contributor of plastic waste. Inspired by Bali’s unique Tri Hita Karana philosophy, promoting harmony between people, nature and God, Alex Tsuk, together with a community of eco-minded tourism business owners known as BGreener, initiated the app which addresses two of Asia’s biggest issues: its lack of potable tap water and its huge contribution to plastic waste, with just five Asian countries responsible for up to 60% of all plastic waste in the ocean.

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The user-friendly app will guide you to the nearest refill station. Photo courtesy of

At its core, the user-friendly app uses your GPS location to guide you to nearby refill stations (typically restaurants, cafes, and shops) which have agreed to provide drinking water for free or at a minimal fee (less than you would spend buying a bottle of water). Refill stations can be displayed in either list form or on a Google Map.

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The app also allows users to track their water intake and the impact they’re having, displayed as the number of plastic bottles saved from being released into the environment. Users can collect points by refilling their water bottle or by nominating a new refill station which can be used towards partner discounts or gifts.

“A #Refillution is on in Vietnam,” Alex Tsuk told Lonely Planet News. “We have already listed more than 140 stations across major cities there: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hoi An and Danang and it is expanding every day!”

By James Pham

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