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Stay in a rustic zero-emissions cabin on an untouched Finnish island

Every traveller has a different idea of relaxation, but for many, the thought of escaping the hustle and bustle of a big city and reconnecting with nature is an overwhelmingly attractive one. With that in mind, a rustic new zero-emissions cabin has been unveiled on a picturesque island in Finland that allows guests to truly get back to basics in style.

The Nolla Cabin on Vallisaari Island in Finland.
The Nolla Cabin on Vallisaari Island in Finland. Image by Neste

Built on Vallisaari Island, off the coast of Helsinki, the Nolla (meaning zero) cabin was designed by Finnish creative Robin Falck as an experiment on sustainability, exploring how people can live with less while spending more time enjoying nature. With a simple pitched roof and one large window, the nine-square-metre cabin is made from completely sustainable materials, and has a front door that opens up to a naturally formed porch of evergreen trees. Inside, the small cabin features two camp beds and stunning views of the archipelago, as well a small stove and some tiny finishes by local design brands.

The cabin offers stunning views of the archipelago. Image by Neste

“With the Nolla cabin, we want to offer visitors the possibility to experience modern cabin life in the realm of nature, with minimal emissions. An ecological lifestyle does not only require giving up unsustainable commodities, but also discovering modern, sustainable solutions that can be used instead. This has been an essential part of the design process”, Robin Falck said.

The zero-emissions cabin is built from sustainable materials and is heated using renewable fuel. Image by Neste

Available to rent on Airbnb, the outside of the triangular structure is covered in a reflective surface that echoes the natural surroundings in the area. The compact structure has been designed so that it does not require a construction permit, and uses sustainable building materials as efficiently as possible. The cabin is the size of a small bedroom and can be assembled and transported without heavy machinery, leaving its environment nearly untouched. Electricity is generated by solar panels, whilst the stove, reserved for cooking and heating, runs entirely on Neste MY Renewable Diesel, made 100% from waste and residue. Nearby, Vallisaari guest port has two restaurants for guests to dine at.

The Nolla Cabin will be on location in Vallisaari until September. More information on booking it is available here.