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Ferrero needs 60 people to taste-test Nutella in Italy

If you’re a chocolate lover, we may just have found the dream job for you. In fact, you may consider relocating to Italy when you learn that the Ferrero company, which makes Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread, is looking to employ 60 people to taste-test its products.

60 taste-testers are required by Ferrero in Italy. Image: Mrs/Getty Images

The successful candidates will be known as “sensory judges” and as well as testing the famous Nutella spread and other delicious products, the role involves tasting their ingredients, including various types of cocoa and hazelnuts. It is the first time that Ferrero is looking to employ “non-professionals” for the roles, which will be based at the company headquarters in Alba, Piedmont, as it usually relied on internal employees for the task. It’s taking a different approach this time, and is looking for regular consumers who aren’t educated in nutrition or the science of taste, have no allergies and are familiar with using a computer.

60 taste-testers are needed to test Nutella and other Ferrero products. Image: Charly Tribelleau/AFP/Getty Images

The new roles are two days a week and no experience is required, which gives you plenty of time off to work off the calories you will possibly consume in this most delicious job of dream jobs. According to The Local, this job ad was published by Openjobmetis on behalf of Soremartec Italia srl, the Ferrero research and development company. The successful candidates will start work on 30 September and will embark on with a three-month course to hone their senses of taste and smell. They will learn the correct terminology to describe each taste and sensation, and after that, 40 sensory judges will be selected to make up two tasting panels.

Taste-testers are needed in Italy to test Nutella and other Ferrero products. Image: Moncherie

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