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A company wants to pay someone $60,000 to travel the US for six months living their “best life”

Travel can be expensive, which is why many of the most avid explorers still have to spend part of the year working or making the switch to the digital nomad lifestyle.

Life your best life with this new dream job. Image by Peter Amend/Getty Images

But a new job wants to pay you $60,000 (€50,200) to travel around the US and “life your best life”. White Claw Hard Seltzer – a US-based boozy seltzer company – is looking for ambassadors who can travel around for six months having a good time.

Joshua Tree National Park is also a dark sky park. Image by ©West Coast Scapes/Shutterstock

The company is advertising a contest to find its new “Best Life” ambassadors, who will be need a taste for new experience and the desire to share their journey with others. Though details are scant on what you will actually be doing, you will be receiving $60,000 for six months of “traveling domestically discovering new passions and experiences”. That means you can pursue a dream like learning how to surf in San Diego, taking up yoga in the redwoods, canoeing through the Everglades, or going bungee jumping in the Grand Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend at Grand Canyon National Park. Image by ©FilippoBacci/Getty Images

If that sounds like the perfect way to spend your time, there are a few stipulations: applicants must be over 25 and living in the US. From there, you must take a photo of yourself and caption that shows how you are – or will – live your best life if you are chosen as the ambassador, and enter it on the website. Or, follow the company on Instagram and upload your picture with the hashtag #MyBestLifeContest and tag @WhiteClaw. Winners will be announced in August. Find out more about how to enter here.