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Take an interactive tour of remote places like Easter Island, Havana or Antarctica with this photo-mapping website

A photo-mapping website has released a series of seven interactive visual experiences that enables users to digitally explore unique, remote destinations around the world such as Easter Island in Chile and the Rothera Research Station in Antarctica.

1. Saint Paul Island, Alaska

While almost the size of San Francisco, this island only has one school, one post office, one bar, one small store and one church.


2. Nukuʻalofa, Tonga

Tonga sits across two time zones, making it one of the first countries to welcome each new day.


3. Havana, Cuba

Maps of this city hadn’t been updated since 1965, so a group of mappers set out to change that.


4. Svalbard, Norway

It took these islands millions of years to travel from the equator, past modern-day Europe, and all the way to their current location about 75 degrees north — the closest thing to the North Pole.


5. Pokhara, Nepal

This world-famous hub for extreme water sports is nestled between expansive lakes and mountain ranges.


6. Rothera Research Centre, Antarctica

While Google’s vans have made it to Antarctica, a Mapillary user mapped this British station while running a marathon.


7. Easter Island, Chile

More remote than Antarctica, this island is surrounded by more than 3000 miles of water.


The website is called Mapillary, and offers users the chance to take an interactive stroll through areas that are not available on Google Street View or Google Maps by enabling anyone in any location to upload photo sequences that can then be stitched together to create navigable 3-D photomaps. The seven remote destinations released include Pokhara, Nepal, Saint Paul Island in Alaska and Nukuʻalofa, Tonga.