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Trying to take banned items through airport security could be costing travellers a lot of money

It turns out that having items seized at airport security isn’t just a hassle – it could be costing travellers a lot of money.

Don't forget to empty your water bottle.
Don’t forget to empty your water bottle. Image by Gary John Norman/Getty Images

Some of the most common objects confiscated from British travellers at the airport include scissors, makeup, perfume and razors, according to research commissioned by International Currency Exchange. And when such items are seized it can really add up – as a quarter of confiscated items had a value of more than £50. On top of that, one in 10 travellers who had items seized lost more than £150 in goods – which is not the ideal way to start a holiday. The financial hit is even worse for holidaymakers from areas of Scotland, as 9% of Glaswegians stopped at security lost items worth between £350 and £500, according to the report.

While having a couple of small items taken by security may be more of a hassle than a financial hit, some people have had some pricey items seized in the past. At London City Airport, staff has seized £50,000 in cash, a bag of diamonds, a Rolex watch worth £10,000, the keys to a Porsche.

Cosmetics are among items commonly confiscated.
Cosmetics are among items commonly confiscated at airport security. Image by Jonathan Knowles/Getty Images

About one in eight people in the UK have had something confiscated at the airport, according to the research. The top 10 most commonly confiscated items are: water, deodorant, scissors, makeup, tweezers, perfume, children’s toys, razors, moisturiser and toothpaste.

At Gatwick, around ,000 and 1800 bins are filled each month with objects that are either seized at the airport or lost. Earlier this year, London City Airport released a list of the strangest and most commonly confiscated items seized from the airport. Snow globes take the top spot as most confiscated, as the popular souvenir is filled with a water-based solution over the carry-on limit. Other items that are frequently seized at security includes jams, Nutella, pickles, wine, olive oil and furry handcuffs. Some of the strangest items taken at London City Airport include a luxury dog shampoo, horse treats, fondue forks, tins of tuna, and a belt made of bullet casings.