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See the breathtaking drone footage that captures the beauty of Versailles from above

Versailles has shared an incredible video of drone footage of the palace and its grounds, showing the incredible design from a new angle.


The video was posted on the Ville de Versailles YouTube page, which describes it as revealing “the completeness and unity of the royal city territory designed by Louis XIV and André Le Nôtre”. The famous 17th century Château de Versailles is located in a Paris suburb, about 20 km south-west of the city’s centre. The town is a huge attraction for visitors, who come to admire the incredible palace and its environs. It is a “pioneer of the garden-city concept” and is made up of more than 50% natural areas. According to Ville de Versailles, it inspired the planning of many cities like Washington, DC, and St Petersburg.

Earlier this year, the Château de Versailles reopened its Coach Gallery to the public after it was closed for nearly a decade. The gallery is filled with incredibly opulent coaches that were used by members of the royal family. But, if getting as close as possible to a royal lifestyle is a travel dream, there are plans for a new luxury hotel and restaurant on the grounds.